Tuesday, March 3, 2015


"[Hiram-Maxim's] 'Visceral' builds into an apocalyptic fervor before dissipating into a cloudy haze and ending before you've had your fill. Thankfully there's a whole album of these brutal-but-beautiful goodies. Even better, it's going to be released on Aqualamb Records – a label that specializes in publishing 33 1/3-esque picture books alongside their audio releases."

"[Aqualamb Records], owned by two graphic designers/musicians, is releasing albums as artwork: 100-page bound and printed books. We've seen bits and piece of these types of releases – the book insert in the deluxe edition of Converge's All We Love We Leave Behind comes to mind – but this might be the most ambitious project yet."

"In the spirit of labels like Hydra Head or Sacred Bones, Brooklyn's Aqualamb Records was born from the desire to place as much value on the aesthetic of a physical release as the music itself. The label's first release of 2015 is a murky psychedelic venture into a darkness that immediately seems familiar to the Ummagumma days of Pink Floyd... The album's congruence of spacious ambience and hissing electronics makes for the kind of pulsing abrasion that's immediately and infectiously rewarding."
–Steel for Brains

"Band of the Week... [Hiram-Maxim]'s forthcoming debut mixes elements of noise, post-rock and punk."

–Cleveland Scene

"Quasi-improvisational Cleveland future doom-stars, climbing out of the swamp..."
–Invisible Oranges

"More like an experiment in the deconstruction of sound than an album in the traditional sense... In another universe, one might call it punk rock. Here, it is gleefully and thoroughly fucked up."
–The Obelisk

"Pink Floyd-esque progressive rock nuances and Oxbow-style weirdness... Noisy, psychedelic and just plain odd."

–American Aftermath

"The four band members craft sounds that could be the soundtrack to undergoing a particularly intense K-hole whilst locked in a Salvador Dali museum overnight... If you fancy a ramble into dissonant soundscapes where anything could happen then give this impressive first effort a spin and tune your mind into something very strange yet oddly nourishing."
–Ghost Cult

Hiram-Maxim's startling, self-titled debut album sees its official release date today, March 3rd, on Aqualamb Records.

The Cleveland quartet employs voice, guitar, electronics, and drums in the service of dark, rambling excursions in sound. Comparisons to Pink Floyd's early psych jams and Oxbow's oddball noise-rock have been flying. VICE described one song as "an apocalyptic fervor... dissipating into a cloudy haze." Steel for Brains hailed the debut album as "a murky psychedelic venture." The entire album is now streaming via Decibel, here.

From Brooklyn, New York, Aqualamb Records is a new label with a new approach to releasing music. Masterminded by graphic designers Eric Palmerlee and Johnathan Swafford, Aqualamb's releases take the form of 100-page, bound, printed books – essentially, each album's art and liner notes, traditionally confined to an LP gatefold, a CD booklet, or the screen of some music-playing device, are reconfigured into book form. Each book includes a download code for the music.

With a handful of releases out so far, Aqualamb's aesthetic has already taken shape. Like the 33 1/3 books or the catalogs of record labels like Young God and Sacred Bones, the releases add up to a distinct, unified series.

Order Hiram-Maxim from Aqualamb Records, here.

Hiram-Maxim, live:
May 6 - Cleveland, Ohio @ Beachland w/ Six Organs of Admittance