Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Out now: HOT NERDS - Strategically Placed Bananas

"Their spastic, demented, synth-heavy sound encapsulates all the insanity that is 2015."

"Part of a proud San Diego tradition of completely wild and utterly unabashed spazzitude... Strategically Placed Bananas is a ten-song collection of synth, skronk, and spite."

"Where electro-grind avatars The Locust, post-modernism, Daft Punk and TMZ.com collide in analogue overload."
–Alternative Press

"Spastic rock that owes as much to dissonant Dischord-style post-hardcore as it does to Baltimore's experimental pop scene of the late '00s."

"The band takes the early synth-punk of Suicide and The Screamers, chops it up in a blender, and spits out a fractured, nasty sound that alternates between abrasive and bouncy. This is far out, man."

"Itchy, abrasive and occasionally irritating explosions of energy, the likes of which have been sadly missing since the days before Dim Mak went EDM... The music world needs agitators, and Hot Nerds are some of the most interesting we've got right now."
–San Diego CityBeat

Hot Nerds' debut album, Strategically Placed Bananas, is out today on Three One G Records!

Buy the LP, here.

Fronted by Nathan Joyner, also of All Leather and ex-Some Girls, the San Diego trio blasts out smart/smart-ass synth-punk, right at home amidst the Three One G family of bands that also includes The Locust, Retox, and Head Wound City.

Stream Strategically Placed Bananas above and enjoy this short film for shocking, behind-the-scenes truths about the making of the album!