Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Out now: SABERTOOTH ZOMBIE - Human Performance IV

"[Sabertooth Zombie] blends its hardcore roots with a new psychedelic, stoner rock sound. So spark up, jam out and enjoy..."
–High Times

"California's Sabertooth Zombie may have hardcore roots but new single 'Crazy Endings' is sludgy stoner rock with riffs recalling '70s proto-metal, Cream-esque wah pedaling, and an air of swampy psychedelia."

"The Northern California band has been releasing music at an astonishing rate since 2004, integrating seemingly incongruent instruments and swagger into their particular brand of hardcore. This new release finds them in peak form: being themselves for themselves... An all out rager."
–Mass Appeal

"Blending equal parts hardcore, Southern rock and stoner metal, Sabertooth Zombie offer up a captivating EP... A discordant sound that is driven by gloomy guitarwork and assertive vocals... They, like their peers in Ceremony and Trash Talk, create music that spans a variety of genres without sounding contrived..."

"Hardcore meets Americana meets classic rock"

"Noisy metallic punk, and not too unlike My War-era Black Flag."
–Invisible Oranges

"Sabertooth Zombie rock... Catchy and dirty and a little more creative than your average punk song."

"Sharing an affinity for both hardcore and stoner rock, the NorCal collectve decided to write material that married both styles... An assault of meaty guitar riffs and driving rhythms..."
–No Echo

Sabertooth Zombie's fifteenth release to date, Human Performance IV, is out today on Twelve Gauge Records and streaming in its entirety thanks to High Times.

Check out High Times' stream of the new EP, here.

Order the EP, here.

The North Bay band is a legend in its home state of California where it has been doing its thing for over a decade, part of a circle of next-level hardcore bands that includes Trash Talk, Ceremony, Creative Adult, and No Sir (with whom the 'Tooth shares members). Check out a typical live show, here.

New EP Human Performance IV shows the band digging deep into its love for classic rock, blues, and stoner vibes, while frontman Cody Sullivan hovers high above with lyrics that are crushingly poetic.

Sabertooth Zombie celebrates Human Performance IV with its official record release show, March 14th at Thee Parkside in San Francisco.