Thursday, April 30, 2015

ABRAMS – Lust. Love. Loss.

"Effortlessly meshing angular mathcore with chunky stoner metal, Lust. Love. Loss. recalls Remission-era Mastodon... and, truly, even that facile comparison fails to do it justice."

From Denver, Colorado, power trio Abrams has arrived with its formidable debut album: Lust. Love. Loss. The band will self-release the album June 16th as a CD, cassette, and digital download, with a vinyl LP release to follow.

Stream Abrams' song, "Sea Salt Lines," off Lust. Love. Loss., exclusively via MetalSucks, here.

Lust. Love. Loss. was recorded and mixed by Andy Patterson (Cult Leader, SubRosa, Call of the Void) at The Boar's Nest in Salt Lake City, and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, High on Fire). It follows a 2014 EP, released on Canadian label No List Records (KEN mode). 

The synergy of melody, groove, and bullet-train force displayed on Lust. Love. Loss. sets Abrams in line with heavy transcenders like Mastodon and Pelican. Drummer Michael Amster pushes forward with crisp, ghost-noted beats that nod to Dailor at his best; twin brother Zach Amster scrapes shimmering melodies and massive crunch out of his axe; Taylor Iversen's basslines roll along like boulders down mountainsides.

When asked about their influences, the guys name-check heroes of post-hardcore like Fugazi and At the Drive-In. Indeed, Abrams' sound could be perceived as a turbo-boosted, sludged-up incarnation of those bands' spirits – driving and impassioned, traversing the spectrum of feeling, from mournful to triumphant.

But beyond bands, Abrams is a product of its environment and The West itself is another factor in what makes it what it is. There is a sense of space in the music – expansive, majestic, like the Rockies rising up out of yellow plains. Lyrics, dealing with "the darker aspects of everyday life," as Zach Amster puts it, use metaphors from the natural world to make their points: "Glisten, Utah / Fields of why / Calming dry / Landlocked, uncocked / Make me your life" (from "Sea Salt Lines") and "You're walking along the river / Heading to the endless sea / Lay with me upon the earth and come to me / Bring sunshine" (from "Sunshine").

The tracklist is as follows:
1) Manic
2) Sea Salt Lines
3) Sunshine
4) Sweaty and Self Conscious
5) Far from Home
6) Mr. Pink Always Wins
7) The Moat
8) Useless
9) Lust. Love. Loss.
10) The Light

The cover art and layout were created by Kristin Cofer (Chelsea Wolfe) and Brian D'Agosta (Vallenfyre).

Abrams hits the road in June for a US tour. Stand by for dates!

Zach Amster - guitar, vocals
Taylor Iversen - bass, vocals
Michael Amster - drums