Monday, April 20, 2015


VICE presents the premiere of new Meek Is Murder song "Onward Toward a Red Horizon," the closing track off the Brooklyn trio's new LP, Onward/Into the Sun.

Stream "Onward Toward a Red Horizon," here. A prime slice of Meek's buffalo-charging-off-a-cliff-core, the tune has the distinction of being one of the few songs in the band's catalog to exceed the 2-minute mark. 

Out May 5th on Rising Pulse Records, Onward/Into the Sun consists of two EPs on one LP: the brand new Onward EP, produced by Kevin Bernsten (Full of Hell, Magrudergrind, Mutilation Rites, Old Wounds) and the band's 2012 sci-fi-themed Into the Sun Where It Falls Off the Sky EP, recorded by Kevin Antreassian (East of the Wall, Gridlink). All the music was mastered by Alan Douches (Converge, Mastodon).

Pre-order the limited LP, available in three color vinyl variations, from Rising Pulse Records, the label owned by Candiria's John Lamacchia, here.

Meek Is Murder features current and former members of Enabler and The Red Chord. 

Stand by for news of Meek Is Murder's next tour!

"A Brooklyn hardcore band... that'll assault your ears in the most invigorating way possible. Equal parts chaotic mathcore and sludgy doom."

"Face-ripping sonic assault of dizzying riffage and bloody-throated screamoidness... Damaged-era Black Flag in a car crash with metallic hardcore merchants Botch."

"Technical hardcore action." 
–Guitar World

"Pulverizing... sounds like technical hardcore madness performed inside a fire tornado."
–Alternative Press

"A furious head nod to the glorious days of mid-to-late '90s chaos core in the vein of superheroes like Coalesce, Botch, Jesuit, Converge..."

"A relentless, visceral expression of both pain and hope, [Meek Is Murder] will remind you why you ever got into extreme music in the first place."

"Riffs the size of aircraft carriers... Any of you still lamenting the loss of Botch will fall on this like a pack of hungry wolves."

"[Meek Is Murder] takes the intense fisticuffs of Lords, smashes it against Pig Destroyer's rabid proficiency and still comes across like an exorcism..."