Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Out now: UPSILON ACRUX - Sun Square Dialect

Sun Square Dialect, the seventh full-length album by Upsilon Acrux, is out today, April 14th, on New Atlantis Records.

Upsilon Acrux has evolved through many incarnations over its 20-year run. Now featuring founder/guitarist Paul Lai, backed by two drummers, another guitarist, and a Rhodes piano, the Los Angeles group's exceedingly intricate compositions are polyrhythmic and polyunbelievable. Thurston Moore has hailed Upsilon Acrux as "amazing" while a recent review from VICE describes it as "the spirit of hardcore and post-rock with the complexity of classical compositions."

Stream new album Sun Square Dialect in its entirety, here.

Sun Square Dialect was recorded at Infrasonic Sound (The Jesus Lizard, Death Grips) and The Record Plant (in the room where Appetite for Destruction was recorded), and was mixed and mastered by Pete Lyman (Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Xasthur).

A Sun Square Dialect record release show goes down April 24th at The Smell in LA.

"The spirit of hardcore and post-rock with the complexity of classical compositions."

"Upsilon Acrux have made it their mission to blow, expand and confuse minds and ears since 1997. Imagine King Crimson, Zappa, Don Caballero, Battles, Orthrelm (or any Mick Barr project for that matter), Gore and free jazz bouncing off the padded walls of your local nuthouse..."

"They make music that would make Frank Zappa proud."
–Gear Gods

"Upsilon Acrux have boldly ventured into a realm of musical oddity that few other self-proclaimed 'edgy' bands could ever hope to claim."
Steel for Brains

"A colorful array of instrumentation that runs the gamut of math rock, progressive rock, krautrock, and free jazz. It defies categorization and dazzles simultaneously."
–American Aftermath

"Upsilon Acrux is amazing."
–Thurston Moore