Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Comprised of members of Harm's Way, Chicago trio Wolfnote prepares to release its self-titled debut EP, June 9th on Head2Wall Records.

Stream "Luna," the opening track off Wolfnote, exclusively via Alternative Press, here.

Wolfnote was founded in 2013 by Harm's Way guitarist Bo Lueders and Harm's Way drummer Chris Mills, intended as a radical vacation from that band's metallic crushingness. Says Lueders, "Chris and I had wanted to do a band in the vein of older Chicago punk rock bands." With that mission statement, the duo enlisted former bandmate Dave Cronin as bassist and set to work. On the strength of one demo tape, the awesome Head2Wall Records (Self Defense Family, Eternal Sleep) stepped up to the plate and here we are now on the eve of the release of the debut EP, Wolfnote.

In Harm's Way, Lueders and Mills flex their chops playing some of the most colossal breakdowns of our times. The band's latest album, Rust, was released on Deathwish Inc to mass acclaim in March and the band has been touring the world in support.

In Wolfnote, the two execute a totally different musical vision – what remains the same is the chemistry. With the history these guys have together, Wolfnote charges out of the gate on its very first EP, rocking like a fully realized band. 

One could liken the Wolfnote/Harm's Way relationship to that of indie-rockers Adventures and their more brutal and well-known project, Code Orange – when you play in one of the heaviest bands in the world there comes a time to explore other sounds and emotions.

Alkaline Trio's darkly emotional punk rock is one reference point for Wolfnote's style. To reach back further into Chicago's musical history, you could also draw a line from Wolfnote to Naked Raygun. The band name classics like The Misfits, The Smiths, and The Cure as influences as well and, no surprise, Lueders' lyrics tell tales of romantic obsessions.

With dark, driving songs, full of confessional lyrics and million-dollar choruses, this is an exciting new band in its own right and of course a real treat for any Harm's Way fans open to something new.

Wolfnote was recorded by Andy Nelson (Harm's Way, Weekend Nachos, Exalt) at Bricktop Recordings in Chicago, and mastered by Carl Saff (Guided By Voices, Sannhet).

The tracklist is as follows:
1) Luna
2) Sick
3) Prowl

Bo Lueders - guitar, vocals
Dave Cronin - bass
Chris Mills - drums