Monday, May 18, 2015

POWER - Heavy Muscle

"The band takes that nasty mousetrap riffage of Black Flag and builds it on the back of modern hardcore punk chugging. If Coliseum were Damaged fanatics, this might be what you would get."

Twelve Gauge Records presents the July 10th release of the new Power EP: Heavy Muscle.

Check out PunkNews' premiere of new single "Cageless," off Heavy Muscle, here.

From Bremerton, Washington, a small Navy town right across the sound from Seattle, Power is one of the Pacific Northwest's most legit hardcore punk bands of today. Sincerity counts in hardcore, and Power has it in spades. When frontman Evan Somerhiser belts out "I don't have the patience to sit / Can't focus for shit" on Heavy Muscle's "Cageless", he sings it like he means it. When he screams "If I owe you money when I die, you can suck my dick / Unless you were a friend then just hit up my fucking kids," on the EP's opener, "$uck It," there is no doubt this is his actual last will and testament.

As negative as some of these lyrics sound, the overriding Power vibe is one of live-for-now reckless abandon. The cover photo is not staged – that's Somerhiser at a backyard party in Bremerton. The Power boys have been living the life for years. All best friends since their early teens, they ran DIY venue Tiki House in Bremerton for a decade, hosting scores of touring bands along the way. 

Power couples its warts-and-all, punk-as-heck realness with a propensity for swinging and strutting in almost a '70s rock fashion. The band is crisp and tight; not only can it rage, it can glide through shuffles and tempo shifts and even a 5/4 riff. They have been known to cover Diamond Head and Black Sabbath. Power is not unlike Black Flag in this way – on one hand, a cathartic expression of the most painful realities, on the other hand, a worship of riffs and sweet grooves. 

Above all, Power is a sick hardcore punk band that might make a person want to jump off a high thing just to make tonight the best night ever.

Heavy Muscle was recorded and mixed by Phil Jones at The Dangler in Seattle, and mastered by Chris Mathews, Jr. The EP follows 2013 full-length Bremerton Zoo and 2011 EP Death Haunts, both also released on Twelve Gauge Records. Of Bremerton Zoo, UK blog Tight to the Nail opined:

"The wild-eyed, antisocial, bloodied knuckles and beer-stained jeans flipside to the old school hardcore coin... Drawing influence from Black Flag with their anarchic and raw fuck-you-core, Power have created a vicious and unpredictable record."

The Heavy Muscle tracklist is as follows:
1) $uck It
2) Cageless
3) L.O.S. (Life of Spite)
4) Slow Train Coming
5) Shepherds and Sheep
6) When It's Time

Having played recent shows with Cro-Mags, Harm's Way, Code Orange, Sabertooth Zombie, and Iron Lung, Power hits the road in June for a West Coast tour.

Jun 7 - Everett, WA @ Firewheel Community Coffee House

Jun 10- Bremerton, WA @ The Manette
Jun 11 - Reno, NV @ Fort Ryland
Jun 12 - Sacramento, CA @ Casa de Chaos
Jun 13 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Champs for Kids Fest
Jun 14 - Fresno, CA @ Chinatown Youth Center
Jun 15 - La Puenta, CA @ Bridgetown DIY
Jun 16 - Merced, CA @ Tigers & Daggers Records
Jun 18 - Oakland, CA @ The Hive
Jun 19 - San Jose, CA @ SJ Rock Shop
Jun 20 - San Francisco, CA @ The Honey Hive Gallery

Evan Somerhiser - vocals
Griffin Kelly - guitar
Ricky Hansen - bass
Benn Silima - drums

Photo by Matt Worthey