Thursday, June 4, 2015

POWER + American Aftermath

"The band takes that nasty mousetrap riffage of Black Flag and builds it on the back of modern hardcore punk chugging. If Coliseum were Damaged fanatics, this might be what you would get."

"Their Black Flag-influenced hardcore is a thundering array of stunning aggravation."
–American Aftermath

Pacific Northwest wrecking crew Power have offered up another new track off upcoming new EP Heavy Muscle. Stream "$uck It" on American Aftermath, here.

Power's hardcore rages and grooves equally, somewhat in line with Black Flag and the way that band was capable of playing both sides: unhinged aggression on the one side and swingin', struttin' riff worship on the other. American Aftermath's review states, "Their Black Flag-influenced hardcore is a thundering array of stunning aggravation."

On EP opener "$uck It," frontman Evan Somerhiser condemns the rat race with lines like "Another day older and deeper in debt / The money comes and goes and then I'm dead like the rest / Eight hours of life exchanged for dollars and cents / I'm waking up tomorrow and I'm doing it again."

Heavy Muscle comes out July 10th on Twelve Gauge Records.

The Power boys have been living the life for years – for a decade they ran Tiki House, the go-to DIY venue in their town of Bremerton, Washington, just west of Seattle. Having played recent shows with Cro-Mags, Harm's Way, Code Orange, Sabertooth Zombie, and Iron Lung, Power hits the road in June for a West Coast tour.

Jun 7 - Everett, WA @ Firewheel Community Coffee House

Jun 10- Bremerton, WA @ The Manette
Jun 11 - Reno, NV @ Fort Ryland
Jun 12 - Sacramento, CA @ Casa de Chaos
Jun 13 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Champs for Kids Fest
Jun 14 - Fresno, CA @ Chinatown Youth Center
Jun 15 - La Puenta, CA @ Bridgetown DIY
Jun 16 - Merced, CA @ Tigers & Daggers Records
Jun 18 - Oakland, CA @ The Hive
Jun 19 - San Jose, CA @ SJ Rock Shop
Jun 20 - San Francisco, CA @ The Honey Hive Gallery