Monday, June 8, 2015


The Space Merchants' debut album comes out tomorrow, June 9th, in book form on Aqualamb Records, and New Noise Magazine has launched a stream of the full LP in all its glory.

Stream The Space Merchants, here.

The Brooklyn band's sweet, haunting songs, propelled by co-ed vocal harmonies, live in their own world where backporch Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings vibes coexist with outerspace psych-rock jamming.

Drummer Carter Logan also plays in filmmaker Jim Jarmusch's band, SQÜRL.

The Space Merchants was recorded with two engineers at two locations: with Aaron Bastinelli at Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn, NY (where he has also engineered and mixed recordings by The Hold Steady and Kurt Vile), and with Josh Meakim, a member of A Sunny Day in Glasgow, at the Sex Dungeon in Philadelphia, PA. The album was mixed by The Space Merchants' own Michael Guggino, and mastered by Josh Bonati (Psychic Ills, Pharmakon).

Aqualamb Records is the Brooklyn label fast becoming known for releasing albums in the form of meticulously designed, 100-page, softbound books. Steel for Brains founder Jonathan Dick wrote recently, "In the spirit of labels like Hydra Head or Sacred Bones, Brooklyn's Aqualamb Records was born from the desire to place as much value on the aesthetic of a physical release as the music itself."

Pre-order The Space Merchants from Aqualamb, here.

See The Space Merchants live, tonight, June 8th at Rough Trade in Brooklyn with Mini Mansions.

"While traipsing through the same atmospheric layers as the horde of shoegazers out there, The Space Merchants' 'Mainline the Sun' still has a few boots on the ground. Mainly it's singer/guitarist Michael Guggino's touch of gravel and the la-la-ladies doing harmonies who don't go the easy angelic route. If neo-Paisley Underground is useable, let's."

"A unique brand of lo-fi psych rock... their huge-yet-minimal sound, mixing psych with blues and country-style riffs to make something great."

"Like some proverbial psychedelic mish mash of The B-52s... It's a curious mix of the psychedelic, country, shoegaze and college rock but works so well due to its almost carefree attitude... You can't help fall for the wonderful charm inherent here. Timeless and fun... Hitch a ride with these merchants, they'll look after you and take you on a hell of a terrific trip."
–Echoes and Dust