Wednesday, June 3, 2015

TIDEMOUTH + Echoes and Dust

"The Los Angeles band revels in despair and disgust for mundane existence and delivers its message through noisy, stripped-down punk, shot through with elements of goth... Like The Cure, Tidemouth is incredibly earnest and it's reflected not just lyrically but in the raw, unadulterated nature of its caustic songs."

"Blackened punk... the stripped-down rawness mixed with the dissonant guitars brings to mind a mix of the lo-fi punk of Raspberry Bulbs and maybe even the death n' roll wonkiness of Take Over and Destroy... It's good anguished stuff, corrosive yet decidedly listenable."

With Tidemouth's masterpiece of a new album, Velvet and Stone, coming up next Tuesday, June 9th, on Melotov Records, Echoes and Dust debuts the track, "Sunlight Sonata."

Listen, here.

Somber piano kicks things off on a dramatic note, giving way to a storm of hardcore punk that hits "blackened" levels of intensity, akin to the realm occupied by Raspberry Bulbs. The song then drops into a bluesy, brooding zone, showing Tidemouth's tie to early '80s death-rockers like The Birthday Party, The Gun Club, and The Flesh Eaters.

The combination of raw ferocity and old goth vibes is one that Tidemouth owns fully for the duration of Velvet and Stone. Theirs is a unique voice in today's scene. (In the band's own humble words, the sound is "Heavy Cure.")

Check out Noisey's recent premiere of "Vaccinate" and the video for "Black Lung," both songs off the new album, here.

Photo of Tidemouth by Patrick Johnson