Monday, June 8, 2015


"A low, heavy, savage sound. The guitars sound like iron gates dropping while the vocals are all glass, tar and despair. And then, every so often, the band drifts into a ghostly, gothic cadence... before unleashing the hounds again."

"The Los Angeles band revels in despair and disgust for mundane existence and delivers its message through noisy, stripped-down punk, shot through with elements of goth... Like The Cure, Tidemouth is incredibly earnest and it's reflected not just lyrically but in the raw, unadulterated nature of its caustic songs."

"Blackened punk... the stripped-down rawness mixed with the dissonant guitars brings to mind a mix of the lo-fi punk of Raspberry Bulbs and maybe even the death n' roll wonkiness of Take Over and Destroy... It's good anguished stuff, corrosive yet decidedly listenable."

PunkNews is streaming the new Tidemouth album, Velvet and Stone, in its entirety. Hear this new masterpiece, here.

Velvet and Stone, five years in the making, shows this LA band to be fully evolved from its former screamo self. Many hardcore bands discover goth and post-punk and make a shift in that direction but in Tidemouth's case the band has followed that path and found greatness. Not fad or fashion, Velvet and Stone is pure soul: wrathful hardcore punk (arguably "blackened," by virtue of its sheer intensity), brooding dead-end blues, and the "ghostly, gothic cadences" that PunkNews references add up to something real and new.  

Velvet and Stone comes out tomorrow, June 9th, on Melotov Records. Order here.

Director Arielle Kilker's video for the song "Black Lung" can be viewed here on Noisey.

Photo of Tidemouth by Patrick Johnson