Thursday, July 23, 2015

NATHAN GRAY + PopMatters

"Best known as frontman for Delaware post-hardcore standouts Boysetsfire, Nathan Gray has set off on his own with his debut solo EP NTHN GRY. It's a big musical departure... The new record delves into electronic and darkwave, following the lead of Portishead and Dead Can Dance."

PopMatters has premiered the new Nathan Gray video, "Wayward Ghosts." The song appears on Gray's debut solo EP, NTHN GRY, out August 21st on Good Fight Music.

Watch "Wayward Ghosts," here.

Founder and frontman of Boysetsfire and I Am Heresy, Gray launches his solo career now after two decades in the business, to explore sounds and ideas beyond the scope of hardcore. On the NTHN GRY EP, Gray and collaborator Daniel E. Smith weave dark pop songs with folk and industrial elements, in line with certain works of artists like Death in June and Dead Can Dance. Lyrically, Gray, a member of the Church of Satan, lays bare his true Satanic convictions. Of "Wayward Ghosts," Gray states: "It is an anthem of encouragement and empowerment against seemingly insurmountable forces."

NTHN GRY was recorded and mixed by Daniel E. Smith at Sounds of Ideal Life and mastered by Kevin Mattesky at Phantom Center Media.

The "Wayward Ghosts" video was directed by Bobby Bates.

With the US release of NTHN GRY set for August 21st on Good Fight Music, the EP will be released in Europe on August 7th via End Hits Records. 

Gray embarks on a European tour in August:

Aug 15 - Ieper, Belgium @ Ieper Fest
Aug 16 - Munich, Germany @ Backstage
Aug 17 - Nuremberg, Germany @ Stereo
Aug 18 - Berlin, Germany @ Kantine Berghain
Aug 19 - Hamburg, Germany @ Kleiner Donner
Aug 22 - Nalbach, Germany @ Akustikopen
Aug 23 - Stuttgart, Germany @ Kellerklub
Aug 24 - Leipzig, Germany @ Taubchenthal