Thursday, July 9, 2015

POWER + Scene Point Blank

"This Pacific Northwest hardcore crew is all about crushing you with their boot stompin' tunes. Reminiscent of early hardcore like Cro-Mags, and Black Flag with some newer flair, Power are killing it with their newest release, Heavy Muscle..."
–Metal Injection

"The band takes that nasty mousetrap riffage of Black Flag and builds it on the back of modern hardcore punk chugging. If Coliseum were Damaged fanatics, this might be what you would get."

"Heavy Muscle flexes hard with some serious riffs and chaotic breakdowns. Power manages to tread the line between classic hardcore, power violence, and thrash."
–New Noise

"Their Black Flag-influenced hardcore is a thundering array of stunning aggravation."
–American Aftermath

With Heavy Muscle, the new EP by Power, officially released tomorrow, July 10th, on Twelve Gauge Records, the band has teamed with Scene Point Blank to offer a stream of the entire 13-minute bash.

Listen, here.

Buy the EP, here.

From opener "$uck It" to closer "When It's Time," the Bremerton, Washington band swings, grooves, and rages, on its own terms. The band's musical liberty has reminded many a reviewer of Black Flag – its command of sweet riffs and odd-time signatures is as convincing as its balls-out hardcore punk. Frontman Evan Somerhiser's lyrical honesty has also led back to the Black Flag comparison – themes include being broke, being depressed, and being pissed, although the take-away is more a life-affirming "live for today" vibe than a suicidal one. Speaking of Suicidal, Heavy Muscle also snarls and stomps in a way that nods to the early crossover jams of ST and others like SOD, DRI, and Cro-Mags.

Heavy Muscle was recorded and mixed by Phil Jones at The Dangler in Seattle, and mastered by Chris Mathews Jr. It follows the Bremerton Zoo full-length and Death Haunts EP, also on Twelve Gauge Records. 

Power is a fixture of the Pacific Northwest scene, where they not only have lived and played for years but also ran their local DIY venue for a decade. The band just returned home from a West Coast tour and played recent shows before that with Cro-Mags, Harm's Way, Code Orange, and Sabertooth Zombie.