Friday, August 7, 2015

Out today: STATS - Mercy

STATS' debut full-length, Mercy, is out today on New Atlantis Records.

Stream the album, here.

Buy it, here.

Comprised of members/collaborators of Aa, Extra Life, Psalm Zero, Dazzling Killmen and Craw, the Brooklyn trio rages with hardcore punk heart and progressive rock chops, twisting and turning through songs that are equal parts angst, noodles, and rock.

Mercy was recorded at Strange Weather in Brooklyn by former The Men guitarist Ben Greenberg and mastered by Khanate's James Plotkin (Thou, Merzbow).

STATS, live:
Sep 23rd - Brooklyn, NY @ Baby's All Right w/ Survival, Couch Slut

Tickets, here.

"The muscle of Black Flag's weirdo hardcore era and the skronk-jazz chops of King Crimson. STATS' full-length debut, Mercy, is full of He-Man-battling-Skeletor riffs and mind-boggling drum fills..."
–NPR Music

"On Mercy's seven dizzyingly complex screamoid marathons, the mangled jazz/metal of The Process of Weeding Out/Slip It In/Family Man-era Black Flag collide head on with Don Caballero's avant-prog mania."


"Pissed-off noisy hardcore, math rock technicality, and a weird operatic part that sounds like Converge backing Renaissance or something. It's out-there stuff, man."


"A wildly creative mishmash of Melvins-derived sludge and Beefheart-esque experimentation. Massively heavy but showing a progressive nimbleness..."