Monday, September 14, 2015


"Trafficking in crust-grind and hammering metallic hardcore, once Denver's Of Feather and Bone are through with you, all that's left is the carrion implied in their moniker."

"A multi-chambered piece of punishment, rife with vicious, jarring time changes. But even when veering from steam-rolled passages to a doom-and-gloom mosh section, the band never do anything less than go for the throat."

Of Feather and Bone's debut full-length, Embrace the Wretched Flesh, arrives Friday, September 18th, via Good Fight Music and today Decibel Magazine has launched a stream of the full album.

Rip into the Flesh, right here.

The Denver trio deals in punishing crust-grind and metallic breakdowns, a balance that should please fans of His Hero Is Gone, Napalm Death, Acme, and new jacks like Cult Leader. It is the sound of churning storm clouds, massive tidal waves, and advancing armies. Embrace the Wretched Flesh was produced by Andy Patterson (Cult Leader, Call of the Void, SubRosa).

Pre-order, here.

The band just wrapped up a summer of touring with labelmates Old Wounds, Axis, and more.