Thursday, October 29, 2015


"As highly theatrical as The Locust and its prickly side projects have always been, nothing could prepare us for the film debut of bassist/singer Justin Pearson."

Justin Pearson has spent over two decades pushing the boundaries of art, music, and activism as a member of bands like The Locust, Head Wound City, Retox, Some Girls, and Swing Kids, and as founder of Three One G Records. His long career has been riddled with stunts that have perplexed the underground and the mainstream alike – touring the world in a bug costume with The Locust, lying his way onto The Jerry Springer Show, collaborating with members of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc. 

The man has now branched out into the realm of acting – he plays Charlotte Gainsbourg's punk rocker boyfriend in Incompresa, the new film directed by Dario Argento's daughter Asia Argento. Incompresa was a hit at Cannes and it opened here in the States in September under the title Misunderstood, receiving big praise from The New York Times ("buoyantly funny, desperately sad"), The Hollywood Reporter ("rollicking black humor"), and more.

In addition to his role in the film, JP teamed up with longtime bandmate Gabe Serbian to write and record songs for the film. Serbian is a beast of a drummer – like, Dave Lombardo's chops with Mick Harris' insanity. In fact, Lombardo recently named Serbian as one of his favorite drummers (see here). Back in 2008, SPIN Magazine called Serbian one of the "100 Greatest Drummers in Alternative Music." 

Pearson and Serbian's songs for Incompresa are violent, rocking bursts of energy, keeping in tune with Pearson's character in the film. They will be released tomorrow, October 30th, as a seven-inch on Three One G. 

Stream the record right now via Self-Titled Magazine, here.

Buy it, here.

Watch an excerpt from Incompresa, featuring the song "Old Age Lasts Too Long," here.

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