Wednesday, October 21, 2015


"Duration and Delusion is fucking stupendous. A firework of quaking rage..."
–CVLT Nation

"Noisy hardcore... channeling My War-era Black Flag."

"Wrathful, angular punk in the mold of early-90s noizemongers Jesus Lizard, the almighty Nirvana, etc." 

–High Times

"Anxiety isn't cool, but appropriately named Oakland hardcore punk trio Nervous totally are."

Curators of darkness CVLT Nation have launched a stream of the brilliant new Nervous EP, Duration and Delusion. 

Rock Duration and Delusion in its entirety, here.

As CVLT Nation puts it, the EP is "fucking stupendous". Nervous makes moody, desperate, raging punk magic out of minimal means: clean, sometimes-surfing guitar tones, sparse drums, and frontman Jake Spek's ticking time-bomb vocals. His voice ranges from soft mutterings to hair-raising screams, not unlike Black Francis in his prime. Duration and Delusion, said to be a meditation on the concept of time and its place in our society, gushes with feeling from the first note to the last. The Pixies, The Jesus Lizard, Black Flag and Crass are all nodded to, but this record shows Nervous owning its own special thing. 

Central dudes in Oakland, California's DIY scene, the members of Nervous run local DIY venue The Hive.

Duration and Delusion follows Nervous' 2013 self-titled debut EP. Watch the excellent "Good Morning" video off that EP, here.

Duration and Delusion is out this Friday, October 23rd, on Twelve Gauge Records (home to recent releases by Power, Sabertooth Zombie, and Youth Funeral) and the band's own Turbulent Records.