Thursday, November 5, 2015

CHAIN GANG GRAVE + Invisible Oranges

"Clouded, resonant riffs over a drawn-out D-beat... A variety of fills, guitar articulations and vocal styles build strange tension... Mixing sour and sweet might be done to death, but few do it as sharply as Chain Gang Grave."
–Invisible Oranges

"With Chain Gang Grave, you get something that is punk, ugly and hemorrhaging noise... The hardcore version of a snakehandling sermon on the eve of judgment day, a barely contained trashing of instruments and deranged preaching..."


"You can smell the hardcore oozing... Then after a section with dueling guitars, shit gets weird, and by that I mean in a discordant, noisy, anti-social, you know, FLIPPER, kind of way, before all roads merge into a single syncopated crushing riff. Come together, fall apart, reconvene and destroy... that's the formula for great shit, I guess."


Chain Gang Grave
has delivered new song "Prime Numbers" to the masses today via Invisible Oranges. The song appears on the band's second EP, Bury Them and Keep Quiet, to be released next Friday, November 13th.

Stream "Prime Numbers," here.

Pre-order Bury Them and Keep Quiet, here.

Phrases such as "strange tension," "hemorrhaging noise," and "shit gets weird" have been thrown around in recent weeks by writers trying to articulate the greatness of this oddball band of native Brooklynites. On Bury Them and Keep Quiet, Chain Gang Grave deals in the rawest punk and the murkiest metal. Noisy, cryptic riffs twist and turn over drums that veer from primal stomps to double-bass charges, while frontman Young Al Bundy lets loose screams of pure desperation. Under Chain Gang Grave's leaking roof, disparate vibes are united in one creepy howl: The Birthday Party, Flipper, Voivod, Autopsy, Rites of Spring, and beyond.

Bury Them and Keep Quiet was recorded and mixed by the band in a basement in South Brooklyn and was mastered by James Plotkin of Khanate and OLD.

Chain Gang Grave plays December 12th at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, with Couch Slut, Insect Ark, and Geryon (members of Krallice).