Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Denver, Colorado trio Muscle Beach unveils new single "Eagle Wizard" exclusively via New Noise Magazine.

Stream it, here.

"Eagle Wizard" appears on Muscle Beach's self-titled debut album, out December 4th on Sailor Records. A massive debut, Muscle Beach is what PunkNews called recently, "post-Fugazi hardcore... a shambling, jagged basher... like a title bout boxing match." Through ten tracks, Muscle Beach lays down arena-sized power and hooks, fueled by scrappy punk heart – a rocking post-hardcore vibe that resides in the realm of Refused, The Bronx, and Kvelertak. 

The band also sneaks some humor into the mix, balancing its dead-serious jams with lyrics about pirates and aliens. "Eagle Wizard" is quite literally about an eagle/wizard creature – "a glorified security guard... a mythical being, if you will... he will keep your precious cargo safe."

Muscle Beach was recorded, mixed, and mastered by producer Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation) at Flatline Audio in Denver.

"Post-Fugazi hardcore... A shambling, jagged basher. The band alternates between storming forward and throwing the listener off balance with their clanging riffage... like a title bout boxing match."

"The eclectic sound of Muscle Beach lies vaguely in the realm of hardcore punk... but the band also maintains a commitment to straight-ahead rock n' roll. Performances feature an electrifying physicality... even a sense of desperation."