Tuesday, December 15, 2015

GRAF ORLOCK + MetalSucks

"A running kick to the balls with a steel-toed boot... Fury, stripped down to its barest form and spit into your ears."

"The future of music."

LA enigma Graf Orlock has teamed with MetalSucks to premiere new single "Difficult Decisions in the Yutani Mess Hall," a track off the upcoming Crime Traveler full-length, out February 5th on the band's own Vitriol Records.

Stream "Difficult Decisions in the Yutani Mess Hall," here:

Graf Orlock has spent more than a decade honing its Black Flag-meets-Slayer blast-punk approach and the sound is represented perfectly on this newest track: it crushes with laser efficiency, it jams with raw realness. Also in full effect here are the movie samples for which Graf Orlock is famous – the band is notorious for taking all its samples, lyrics, titles, and imagery directly from Hollywood blockbusters like RoboCop and Alien. But there is a twist here: the samples, lyrics, titles, and imagery on new album Crime Traveler come from an as-yet-unreleased film the Graf Orlock members wrote, directed, and starred in themselves.

According to Graf Orlock mastermind Jason Schmidt (also rumored to be the owner of Vitriol Records, a college history professor, and one of LA Weekly's "most interesting people in Los Angeles"), the Crime Traveler film tells the story of a French-Canadian assassin who discovers a wormhole and travels back in time to rewrite history in Canada's favor. Until its theatrical release we can only imagine the cinematic greatness; for now, we have the album.

Crime Traveler is Graf Orlock's third full-length and tenth release overall since its inception in 2004. Furthering the band's rep for crazy art and packaging (its 2011 Doombox EP was housed in a cardstock "boombox" which Revolver Magazine named "Packaging of the Century"), Crime Traveler's layout takes the form of a full-size newspaper.

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