Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Ghostlimb has conspired with Noisey to premiere "A Gobi of Suburbs," Track One off the LA band's upcoming fifth album Difficult Loves.

Like a mix of Napalm Death and Hot Water Music, Ghostlimb's sound comprises churning assaults and world-weary post-hardcore melodies. 

Ghostlimb frontman Justin Smith is also the owner of Vitriol Records, the label that will release Difficult Loves on February 5th, and is rumored to be a member of Graf Orlock. By day he is a college history professor and this role has always informed his writing with Ghostlimb – the LA Weekly dubbed him the "The Heavy Metal Professor" in its list of "the most interesting people in Los Angeles" in 2013. On Difficult Loves, named for an Italo Calvino book, he expands to include more literary influences too.

Noisey's Ben Sailer writes, "While historical inspiration has been the core of Smith and the SoCal grindcore outfit's creative vision for the past decade, their forthcoming full-length Difficult Loves aims as much for the heart as it does the head, this time around borrowing influences from literary fiction in addition to historical fare."

Stream "A Gobi of Suburbs" here, and read a full interview with Justin Smith:

Pre-order Difficult Loves from Vitriol: