Thursday, February 25, 2016


"Harnessing a discordant rhythm, the band makes no bones about their disgust for humanity's bullshit."

New band Nonpareil – comprising ex-members of Abigail Williams, The Bled, Death of Marat, Blues, and more – reveals "Blood Cockles and Gutter Oil" today via PunkNews. The song is Track One from the Phoenix, Arizona band's debut EP, Allergen.

Listen, here: 

Nonpareil layers ironclad noise-rock with the desperation of post-hardcore – churning, bruising rhythms of the Shellac variety are topped by wild-eyed vocals and leads that nod to the Gravity Records school of emotional distress.  

The EP's lyrics are based largely in frontman Connor Woods' experiences traveling in China for a year – "themes of alienation, isolation and an aversion to the misguidedness of human progress," in Woods' words.

Nonpareil, live:
Mar 17 - Mesa, AZ @ The Nile Theatre w/ Intronaut, The Ocean, North
Apr 9 - Flagstaff, AZ @ The Green Room w/ Sorxe, Father Figures