Friday, February 12, 2016

Out today: EIGHT BELLS - Landless

Eight Bells' sophomore album, Landless, is out today on Battleground Records.

Stream the album, here:

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Comprising members of SubArachnoid Space and Immortal Bird, the Portland, Oregon trio constructs its own world. Ethereal vocals, ghostly ambience, triumphant guitars, and metal drumming weave together in a timeless space between psych, prog, doom, and black metal. Sophomore album Landless was produced by Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Leviathan) and mastered by Justin Weis (Pallbearer, Agalloch).

Eight Bells is on tour now with Voivod and Vektor.

Feb 12 - Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club
Feb 13 - Washington, DC @ Black Cat
Feb 14 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
Feb 16 - Raleigh, NC @ Kings
Feb 18 - Charlotte, NC @ Neighborhood Theatre
Feb 19 - Sanford, FL @ West End Trading Co.
Feb 20 - Ybor City, FL @ The Orpheum
Feb 21 - Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
Feb 22 - Knoxville, TN @ The Concourse
Feb 23 - Newport, KY @ Southgate House Revival
Feb 24 - Chicago, IL @ Reggies
Feb 25 - Cudahy, WI @ The Metal Grill
Feb 26 - St Paul, MN @ The Amsterdam
Feb 27 - Omaha, NE @ Waiting Room
Feb 28 - St Louis, MO @ Firebird

"Wraithlike vocals and numbed melodies hanging over pinprick prog fretwork... The pulse of ethereal '70s rock – from Pink Floyd to Hawkwind's more celestial moments... Dual vocal lines emanate from some unseen place, sometimes braided together in a conjoined plea for connection... Heartbreakingly beautiful."

"Landless is a tour-de-force... out-there progression, ethereal atmosphere, and unexpected harmonies."

"Eight Bells have created a veritable monument to yearning... Breathless, imbalanced genius."


"There's a classical doom feel... wedded to a modern sense of progressiveness, with reverb-y harmonies and organ melding creating a vivid contrast with the driving, powerful drumming of new member Rae Amitay."


"[Melynda] Jackson's chiming and piercing guitar tone evokes The Edge's celebratory playing style. She and [Haley] Westeiner employ two-part harmonies, the sort often used in medieval choir music... Their jagged, sometimes Slint-like approach to songwriting, and their assonant sining make their songs obscure... I find myself obsessed with the surface of Eight Bells' music, curious what lies beneath."

–Invisible Oranges

"Another time and dimension... where Ulver and Ihsahn are Pink Floyd's precedents, where lyrics can trade mind-travels for centuries-ago suffering..."

"Adventurous and taut, summoning the black metal of Immortal, the hooky prog of Rush, and even a little Pink Floyd psychedelia."
–Portland Mercury

"Soaring, clean vocals punching through an aura of swirling melancholy... Landless sounds like a strong contender – Portland or otherwise – for the best metal album of the usually slow first quarter of 2016."

–Willamette Week

"Eight Bells juggle elements of post-metal and progressive rock, and combine them effortlessly with blackened undertones... Epic, melodic and dark."

"An exercise in sonic dreamscapes... Unpredictable from moment to moment, Landless is an exciting listen."


"Amazed at how much it moved me... Landless is going to be one of the best releases of 2016."
–CVLT Nation

"Like any great trio, each instrument is equally important to the overall architecture of the sound... Eight Bells is much more than the sum of their parts. Eight Bells have crafted a unique sound, one that is thematically consistent, from lyrics to artwork and sonic palette as well."
–Burning Ambulance

"Landless drifts like an ethereal mist, enveloping you slowly... Eight Bells shrug off the meandering bluesy psychedelia of their debut in favor of a sound that is darker, more mature, and more atmospheric, sounding less like a jam and more like a crafted narrative."
–Echoes and Dust

"It takes special talent and songwriting to grab the listener with what's not there; to entice the listener with merely the mood or emotion of your music. Eight Bells are experts here... The perfect combination of Brian Eno, Ulver and King Crimson."

–Nine Circles

"From the progressive sections, to the enthralling arrangements, to the lush vocal harmonies that push the story, to the propulsive drumming, this group create weaving, winding tapestries that are melodic, dark, hypnotic... This is an adventure."

–Meat Mead Metal