Friday, February 5, 2016

Out today: GHOSTLIMB - Difficult Loves

Ghostlimb's fifth album, Difficult Loves, is out today on Vitriol Records.

Stream Difficult Loves and read an interview with Justin Smith of Ghostlimb, Graf Orlock, and Vitriol Records, here:

Buy it, here:

"While historical inspiration has been the core of Smith and the SoCal grindcore outfit's creative vision for the past decade, their forthcoming full-length Difficult Loves aims as much for the heart as it does the head..."

"Deep, mercurial d-beat parries beautifully with deliciously complex post-hardcore, with occasional chaotic flurries of grind. As good as the compositions are, however, it's when you start digging into the lyrics that Difficult Loves really reveals its treasures. The title, lifted from a collection of Italo Calvino's short stories... is just the beginning."

"There's heart, soul and brains at work in Ghostlimb's world. With post-hardcore melodies and unashamed emotion married to gritty blasts of grinding metalcore, they're led by the hoarse howls of frontman and label boss Justin Smith."
–Metal Hammer

"Where Napalm Death and Hot Water Music unite... Frontman Justin Smith is a master at crafting post-hardcore melody into concise songs that go straight for the gut."

"Yet another killer record in their already impressive discography."
–Metal Injection

"From sludgy parts to slower atmospheric stuff to mile-a-minute metalcore chugs. It rips pretty hard."

"Frenized hardcore that spans from dirge-like blues riffs to gnarly D-beat to spastic grind. Smith's passionate lyrics draw from the wars of Ancient Greece to the drought of modern-day Los Angeles... The end result is invigorating... Ghostlimb have released their best album yet."

–New Noise

"Ghostlimb's eclectic, grinding post-hardcore style is a force to be reckoned with."