Friday, February 5, 2016

Out today: GRAF ORLOCK - Crime Traveler

Graf Orlock's third full-length (and tenth release in total), Crime Traveler, is out today on Vitriol Records.

Stream Crime Traveler here and read an interview with Justin Smith of Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, and Vitriol Records:

Buy the album here: 

"Fuck Star Wars: the science fiction film for which we're most excited is Crime Traveler."

"The riotous band of explosives-worshippers have created an original narrative – supplemented by a 12-page newspaper containing the physical album... Replacing the movie quotes of past albums are samples of dialogue from a bizarre movie that is a completely home-brewed yarn."
–LA Weekly

"Graf Orlock exceed at creating entire concept albums based on other media... Crime Traveler, however, attempts to do something even more conceptually ambitious by being about a B-movie written, filmed by and starring members of the band. That's right: instead of just drawing on existing films, Graf Orlock decided to create their own material to harvest... The record is everything that makes an exceptional bad movie: unapologetically excessive and over the top, choosing fun over sense every time."

"Graf Orlock have really outdone themselves this time. The quartet of LA grindcore maniacs has issued ten releases now, often sprinkled with movie samples, with lyrics literally taken from scripts. But this time around, the band's third full-length, Crime Traveler, contains clips and lyrics from a film the band's members wrote, directed, and starred in themselves."
–Invisible Oranges

"Hardcore/death/grind that is as pummeling as it is smart and occasionally hooky..."

"An intense and varied trip through ominous metalcore grooves and moments of dense and chaotic grindcore... Graf Orlock's brand of cinematic music is aggressive and feral, more like the soundtrack to the apocalypse."

"Twelve years on and ten albums into their career, Graf Orlock remain as ballsy, brutal and absurd as ever."
–Metal Hammer

"Propulsive drumming that collides head on with bestial guitars that unleash hyper-speed riffage... Crime Traveler is another solid, blistering and humorous listen from these LA grinders."

"The future of music."