Thursday, March 17, 2016


Black Black Black has teamed with Exclaim! Magazine to premiere "Lloyd Needs Meds," a track off the Brooklyn band's upcoming sophomore album Altered States of Death and Grace.

Set to a loop of sharpening knives, "Lloyd Needs Meds" is a slice of heavy, White Album-esque evil, starting with the lyrics "Why study Satanism if you were born Satanic? / Why would you read Leary if you could just eat LSD?"

In Exclaim's words: "Propelled by a lumbering guitar riff and heavily layered and sludgy chorus sections, the track perfectly identifies with the band's 'psyched-out desert rock meets big city darkness' feel."

Listen here:

Evoking Kyuss, Torche, Turbonegro, and more, Black Black Black marries sludge and hooks in a totally raw, rocking fashion. Lyrics dabble in Manson, drugs, and self-mutilation, and Unsane's Dave Curran appears as a guest vocalist on two tracks.

The album was recorded and mixed by Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Mutoid Man), and mastered by Carl Saff (Fu Manchu, Sannhet).

Altered States of Death and Grace will be released March 25th on Aqualamb Records. Unlike any other label in the game, Aqualamb has made its name by releasing new music in the form of 100-page softbound books containing album art, lyrics, liner notes, and a download code. 

Pre-order, here:

Photo by Evan Sung