Friday, March 11, 2016


"A jagged aesthetic somewhere between noise, sludge and heavy rock... The lyrical thematic draws out an overarching point of view, a single mindset, as though all the songs were written in a sole, deeply manic afternoon."
–The Obelisk 

"[Black Black Black] takes the heavy rumble of neo-metal bands like Mastodon and Torche and then compresses it into a pop format... The earthquake is over just as soon as it started, but it was just as massive."

"Black Black Black traffic in the kind of good-natured misanthropy of bands like Whores or KEN mode, but the musical gestures beneath the noisy exterior are all forward-charging, Kyuss-worshipping sludge n' roll. It's basically underground metal's version of a radio banger."

With the release of sophomore album Altered States of Death and Grace coming up on March 25th, Brooklyn "doom pop" rockers Black Black Black have cut off another slice of the new LP's sweet darkness and handed it to stoner authority The Obelisk for an exclusive premiere.

Stream "Let's Scare Death to Death" here:

With "a jagged aesthetic somewhere between noise, sludge and heavy rock," Black Black Black unites bright, driving hooks with morbid lyrics referencing Manson, pills, and self-mutilation.

Altered States of Death and Grace was recorded and mixed by Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Mutoid Man), and mastered by Carl Saff (Fu Manchu, Sannhet). It features guest vocals by Unsane's Dave Curran.

Aqualamb Records, the label co-owned by Black Black Black bassist Johnathan Swafford, will release the album March 25th in book form – the label has created its own niche in the industry by creating exquisite, 100-page, softbound books as an alternative to standard album packaging. Album artwork and liner notes are beautifully stretched across 100 pages, with a download code for the music included inside. 

Black Black Black plays Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn tomorrow, March 12th, with the reunited Craw.