Friday, March 25, 2016

Out today: BLACK BLACK BLACK - Altered States of Death and Grace

Black Black Black's sophomore album, Altered States of Death and Grace, is out today on Aqualamb Records.

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On Altered States of Death and Grace, the Brooklyn band's driving sludge-punk shines with pop sweetness, thanks in part to the pitch perfect crooning of frontman Jason Alexnader Byers, formerly of Man's Ruin Records band Disengage – but Byers' lyrics are pure darkness, giving brief, poetic glimpses of drug abuse and other horrors.

The album was recorded at Terminus Recording Studios and mixed at 28th Street Sound by Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Mutoid Man), and mastered by Carl Saff (Fu Manchu, Sannhet), and features guest vocals by Unsane's Dave Curran.

As part of Aqualamb Records' book series, Altered States of Death and Grace will be released in the form of a beautifully designed, 100-page, softbound book containing album art, lyrics, liner notes, and a download code.

Black Black Black plays the Altered States of Death and Grace record release party, April 7th at Union Pool in Brooklyn, with Polygamyst and Blackest.

"Black Black Black traffic in the kind of good-natured misanthropy of bands like Whores. or KEN mode, but the musical gestures beneath the noisy exterior are all forward-charging, Kyuss-worshipping sludge n' roll. It's basically underground metal's version of a radio banger."

"[Black Black Black] takes the heavy rumble of neo-metal bands like Mastodon and Torche and then compresses it into a pop format... The earthquake is over just as soon as it started, but it was just as massive."

"Propelled by a lumbering guitar riff and heavily layered and sludgy chorus sections... 'psyched-out desert rock meets big city darkness'..."

"Ridiculously catchy at times, with instantly memorable choruses... They also insert plenty of groove, heavy riffage and stoner/doom flourishes... This is an album you'll want to put on repeat."


"A jagged aesthetic somewhere between noise, sludge and heavy rock."
–The Obelisk

"Mid-paced, stoner rock bangers, full of drug references and tales of madness."
–Echoes and Dust

"Catchy, crunchy sludge riffs and venomous bass lines. Fans of the pop-laden Torche or the muscular noise rock of Whores. might want to take note."