Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Brooklyn, New York duo Spotlights presents debut full-length album Tidals, coming May 13th on Crowquill Records.

Tidals is a new masterpiece of the dreamy and crushing, the textural and heavy. The married couple of Mario and Sarah Quintero has created a world of sonic bliss that rocks hard: thick layers of angelic vocals and shimmering guitar and synth tones – from shoegaze dissonance to ghostly twang – propelled forward by an engine of sludge and drum thunder. It is a sound that will stir fans of My Bloody Valentine and The Melvins alike.

Songs journey through lulls and swells – the oceanic album title is apt – and Tidals evokes faint hints of certain other classic albums that ebbed and flowed as they rocked massively. Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream, Rodan's Rusty, and Failure's Fantastic Planet are threeBefitting the music perfectly, Tidals' lyrics describe quests within dreams – searching for a lost lover, a dead friend, or the fulfillment of a lifelong ambition – and the ocean metaphor is recurring.

Stream the song "Walls," from Tidals, here:

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Tidals was recorded and mixed by Mario Quintero at various locations in Brooklyn, including Converse's Rubber Tracks Studio, and mastered by Brad Boatright (Fucked Up, Mutoid Man, Nails). It follows debut EP Demonstration, remastered and reissued by Crowquill in 2015.

With Tidals, Spotlights positions itself as a serious new addition to the Brooklyn scene. San Diegans before relocating to Brooklyn, the Quinteros both played in Sleep Lady, a San Diego band whose 2012 sophomore album So Long Lonely Ghost was produced by Aaron Harris of Isis.

Mario Quintero - vocals, guitar, synths, drums
Sarah Quintero - vocals, bass
Josh Cooper - live drums

Upcoming shows:
April 13 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Acheron