Friday, April 1, 2016


"In its short musical life, Nonpareil has garnered comparisons to both Botch and Hot Cross, two bands that cast very long shadows... There's a mathematical nature that recalls the guitar work of both acts but it's not a mere imitation. Across the six songs that make up Allergen, Nonpareil is intricate, heavy, and just the right amount of sassy, making for an EP that recalls a bygone era of hardcore without merely stealing its moves."
–The AV Club

"Harnessing a discordant rhythm, the band make no bones about their disgust for humanity's bullshit."

"Pushing the boundaries... Closer to the raw, naked sound of Shellac..."
–Gear Gods

"Norma Jean-style songwriting... Production that sounds like it was taken straight out of Steve Albini's garage... The instrumentaton is precise and cutting like a serrated knife."
–Heavy Blog Is Heavy

The AV Club is now streaming Nonpareil's debut EP, 
Allergen, in its entirety.

Listen, here:

From Phoenix, Arizona, Nonpareil makes a dark, intense, noise-rock sound that The AV Club compares to Botch and Hot Cross. Driving rhythms and notey guitars set the tension as frontman Connor Woods spits nervous-breakdown vocals, inspired largely by his experiences as a traveler in China.

Woods was the original vocalist of black metallers Abigail Williams; Nonpareil's other members are veterans of the scene who have done time in bands like The Bled, Death of Marat, and Blues.

Allergen comes out out April 8th – pre-order here:

Nonpareil, live:
Apr 9 - Flagstaff, AZ @ The Green Room w/ Sorxe, Father Figures