Friday, April 8, 2016

Out today: NONPAREIL - Allergen

Nonpareil's debut EP, Allergen, is out today, self-released by the band.

Listen here, via The AV Club:

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From Phoenix, Arizona, Nonpareil is fronted by Connor Woods, original vocalist of Abigail Williams. Other members have done time in The Bled, Death of Marat, and Blues. In Nonpareil they unite and create a sound so tense and real, it clears the slate of their past affiliations. Comparisons to noise-rock and post-hardcore greats like The Jesus Lizard and Drive Like Jehu have been rolling in – the rhythm section lurches forward with the heavyweight power of the best of the AmRep roster, while notey guitars dance about and Woods' wits'-end screams evoke the early Three One G and Gravity Records days. Woods says the EP's lyrics were inspired mainly by his experiences as an American living in China.

Next show:
Apr 9 - Flagstaff, AZ @ The Green Room w/ Sorxe, Father Figures

"In its short musical life, Nonpareil has garnered comparisons to both Botch and Hot Cross, two bands that cast very long shadows... There's a mathematical nature that recalls the guitar work of both acts but it's not a mere imitation. Across the six songs that make up Allergen, Nonpareil is intricate, heavy, and just the right amount of sassy, making for an EP that recalls a bygone era of hardcore without merely stealing its moves."
–The AV Club

"Harnessing a discordant rhythm, the band make no bones about their disgust for humanity's bullshit."


"A noisy brand of post-punk carefully designed to enthrall and motivate the listener... will please even the most discerning devotee of the great Dischord Records... Math rock, melody, screams, and steadily building tension..."
–Phoenix New Times

"Pushing the boundaries... Closer to the raw, naked sound of Shellac..."

–Gear Gods

"Norma Jean-style songwriting... Production that sounds like it was taken straight out of Steve Albini's garage... The instrumentaton is precise and cutting like a serrated knife."

–Heavy Blog Is Heavy

"Spiraling, angular guitar assaults and grumbling, menacing bass lines. Fans of Drive Like Jehu, Shellac and the like, take note."