Friday, April 15, 2016

Out today: PRIMITIVE WEAPONS - The Future of Death

The Future of Death, the second album by Primitive Weapons, is out today on Party Smasher Inc, the new label founded by Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan.

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Primitive Weapons' mix of teeth-gnashing aggression and grand, haunting melodies sets the band in line with post-hardcore greats like Refused and Quicksand – guitarist Arthur Shepherd was a member of that scene as a younger man in the '90s, playing in bands like Mind Over Matter, Errortype:11, World's Fastest Car (with Quicksand's Walter Schreifels) and Instruction (with Quicksand's Tom Capone). Like its forebears, Primitive Weapons layers metal, hardcore, post-punk, and classic rock elements into its own futuristic sound.

The Future of Death was recorded and mixed by Dean Baltulonis (Madball, Modern Life Is War) at The Wild Arctic, and mastered by Dave Gardner (Black Lips, Rocket from the Crypt) at Magneto Mastering. 

Shepherd and vocalist David Castillo are co-owners of Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn (immortalized today in this brand new exclusive clip on Metal Injection, along with the bars owned by the other members of the band) – Saint Vitus celebrates its 5th anniversary tonight, in conjunction with Primitive Weapons' sold-out record release show for The Future of Death, also featuring Pallbearer and Sannhet.

"8.0. A balance of brains, brawn, and heart."

"Primitive Weapons has carved out a big, angular niche for itself in Brooklyn's overflowing heavy music community... Their take on hardcore falls into the post- camp (Refused is a big touchpoint...), but thanks to the metallic crunch that holds it all together, we're hearing a lot more Cursed coursing beneath the melodies and strangled vocals."

"Strobe-light-incarnate post-hardcore... The New York band is adept at mixing metallic violence with eerie, melodic sweetness."

–NPR Music

"Primitive Weapons' most obvious influences date to the 1990s... 'metalcore' (the heaving, dissonant, Deadguy-ish kind) and 'post-hardcore' (the atmospheric, melodic, tri-state kind). Primitive Weapons guitarist and clean vocalist Arty Shepherd was among the latter subgenre's prime movers as a member of Mind Over Matter... That lineage predominates on The Future of Death, making it something of a full-circle moment."


"Few bands can blend malignance and groove with the skill of Brooklyn's Primitive Weapons... 'Cathartic' barely begins to describe it."


"4/5. A showcase of influences ranging from the metal-hardcore bombast of Converge, to the mid-90s post-hardcore melody of Shift and Quicksand... It has the feel of veteran musicianship... It rocks with compellingly great heaviness."


"A volatile offering... Between fits of fist-flailing rage are more somber moments."

"4/5. One of the best post-hardcore albums you're likely to hear this year."
–New Noise

"Furious and dissonant... Downright melodic."

–Metal Insider

"4.5/5. Haunting vocals that ebb and flow, compounded by an overall atmosphere that could damn the most holy of us... Counting sick riffs on this record involves more digits than readily available... Electric and eclectic."
–Heavy Blog Is Heavy

"Modeled after hardcore punk heavyweights Fugazi, Refused, and Quicksand, Brooklyn's Primitive Weapons represent the push-and-pull between regular dude fury and art-rock aesthetic."
–Dead Rhetoric