Friday, May 13, 2016

Out today: SPOTLIGHTS - Tidals

Spotlights' debut album, Tidals, is out today on Crowquill Records.

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"90s rock, luscious psych and rattling sludge... Like a slowly evaporating dream... Makes you want to headbang with tears in your eyes."

"A nice dose of heavy, atmospheric rock. Think Hum, Shiner, Failure, Nothing, etc. and you've got an idea."

"Tidals is a modern shoegaze classic. Is it dreamy as fuck? Yes, but what really makes this band's music stick to my ribs is that it packs the punch-to-the-gut of a sludge album... They are just creating music on their own terms... A must have."
–CVLT Nation

"Infectiously heavy... Grumbling bass lines and pummeling percussion lay then groundwork... Hypnotic vocals and a myriad of sliding, wavering psychedelic guitar leads bring color."

"This is a band to watch out for."
–Metal Bandcamp

Spotlights is the Brooklyn-based married couple of Mario and Sarah Quintero, both formerly of Sleep Lady, whose 2012 album So Long Lonely Ghost was produced by Aaron Harris of Isis.

In Spotlights, the Quinteros summon a supreme sound, equally heavy and dreamy. A tar-pit sludge-rock foundation is blanketed by layers of shimmering shoegaze. Tidals' songs rock hard and memorably, bringing to mind hints of bands, from Failure to My Bloody Valentine to Godflesh to Smashing Pumpkins and beyond.

The album was recorded and mixed by Mario Quintero at various locations in Brooklyn, including Converse's Rubber Tracks Studio, and mastered by Brad Boatright (Fucked Up, Mutoid Man, Nails). 

Spotlights, live:
May 14 - New York, NY @ ABC No Rio