Tuesday, July 12, 2016


"Rousing melodic hardcore in the vein of Time In Malta and Grade..."

"Scathing melodic hardcore along the lines of Snapcase..."
–Alternative Press

New Jersey all-stars Bottomfeeder present new single "Flux Capacitor," the first song off their debut EP Sink to the Depths.

Listen, here:

Lambgoat calls the Bottomfeeder sound, "rousing melodic hardcore in the vein of Time In Malta and Grade," and that description pretty much nails it. Comprising veterans of the New Jersey scene, the band includes members of The Gaslight Anthem, Ensign, and Gates, among others. In the words of frontman Derek Reilly, they came together, "influenced by '90s and early '00s melodic punk and hardcore... most specifically the New Brunswick, New Jersey scene."

On debut EP Sink to the Depths, out July 22nd on Good Fight Music, Bottomfeeder rages hard with songs that radiate hope as well as aggression. Pre-order the EP, here:

Good Fight Music owner Carl Severson has made this statement about teaming up with Bottomfeeder: "After a 15 year friendship with [Bottomfeeder drummer] Benny Horowitz, and knowing the rest of the guys through the New Jersey scene, it was awesome to find a project to work together on. We've added a lot of awesome bands to the Good Fight family and we've been lucky to do so, but there's a special spot here for NJ's finest."

Photo by Greg Mitchels