Friday, July 8, 2016

Out today: ASPHALT GRAVES - The New Primitive

Asphalt Graves' debut album, The New Primitive, is out today on Vitriol Records.

Featuring members and ex-members of Misery Index, Dying Fetus, GWAR, The Black Dahlia Murder, All That Remains, and War Torn, Asphalt Graves applies next-dimension chops and production to an old-school death-grind sound, marrying past and present in music that is face-ripping and fun. For fans of old Napalm Death, Righteous Pigs, Repulsion, and Carcass, as well as the Asphalt Graves' members other bands.

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"The punch in the face you ask for twice!"
–Metal Injection

"World, meet Asphalt Graves, your new favorite death-grind band."

"The New Primitive is sheer breakneck insanity. Jason Netherton's (Misery Index) distinctive screams are a perfect match with this more feral brand of death-grind, which pummels with blastbeats before hitting you with a more slab-like groove. Brutal, melodic, and noisy..."


"The band draws heavily on the hooky blastmasters of yore throughout their debut, The New Primitive. You can hear a lot of Assuck, Righteous Pigs, and 'we just became death metal'-era Napalm Death in particular... The combination of the beeftastic production, Shannon's pristine blasting, and Netherton's unmistakable snarl calls to mind the lean and hungry iteration of Misery Index that appeared in the early '00s... But all these comparisons kind of sell Asphalt Graves short, as this unit's got a hyperactive personality all its own."


"Asphalt Graves hits the sweet spot between death metal and grindcore that Napalm Death do in their post-'90s incarnation... A continuation of the early Misery Index sound, a way for Netherton to keep writing brief and pummeling music while his other band begins to move in a more melodic and complex direction... A fun listen and a grim vision of our grueling present day."
–Invisible Oranges

"Harmony Corruption-era Napalm Death worship with musicians who have played in such bands as GWAR and The Black Dahlia Murder."

–No Echo

"A vicious death-grind extravaganza...  13 tracks of scathing vitriol and high octane mayhem. Asphalt Graves' rapid fire sonic bursts call to mind the earliest purveyors of death-grind."