Thursday, August 11, 2016


Black Table announces the October 14th release of debut full-length album Obelisk.

Watch the music video for first single, "Obtuse," via MetalSucks, here:

From upstate New York, Black Table rips open a portal to a darker world. Defined by MetalSucks as "proggy, blackened metal... like a puddle of boiled oil full of broken glass," the sound reflects an extreme codependence of atmosphere and aggression. Rich, hypnotic textures layer with absolutely devastating outbursts, and the tension between the two is glorious. 

Legendary producer Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Sleep, Agalloch) captures Black Table's complex sound and unifies it in epic fashion on Obelisk. Guitars weave together to create scenes that range from mournful to regal, while the rhythm section punishes, driving forward with caustic bass tones, spirited blasts and double-bass attacks. Anderson's natural approach lets the music shine in its actual state, drenched in the emotions of its creators.

Atop this foundation, frontwoman Mers Sumida's hellish vocals completely decimate. Sumida possesses one of the most perfect, hair-raising screams in all of metal – not only has she mastered the technique, she uses it to convey true, horrific feeling. Sumida states that Obelisk's lyrics are a meditation on "human evolution, and looking at my own depression as a human condition as explored through mythologies of various cultures, from Aztec to European." 

Obelisk was recorded and mixed by Anderson at The Dillinger Escape Plan's Backroom Studios, and mastered by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice). It follows the band's 2012 debut EP, Sentinel, and will be released on Silent Pendulum Records in the US and Moment of Collapse Records in Europe.

The cover art is by French painter Eric Lacombe.
The tracklist is as follows:
1) Equilateral
2) Obtuse
3) Helm
4) Shadow
5) Gargantua
6) Cromagnon
7) Homo Ergaster
8) Closing

Black Table bassist DJ Scully and drummer Michael Kadnar are both members of the newly-reformed The Number Twelve Looks Like You, and Kadnar is also a member of Germany's Downfall of Gaia.

Mers Sumida - vocals, guitar
Ryan Fleming - guitar
DJ Scully - bass
Michael Kadnar - drums

Photo by Dean Chooch Landry