Monday, August 8, 2016

COLOMBIAN NECKTIE - All Paths Lead to Nowhere

"A rising name within the Los Angeles underground metal scene... [Colombian Necktie] has further mastered the art of balancing an ugly musical din with engaging Sabbath-boogie riffs."
-LA Weekly

From Los Angeles, California, Colombian Necktie presents its second full-length album, All Paths Lead to Nowhere, coming September 30th on Black Voodoo Records.

Founded in LA in 2010, and named after a Big Black song, Colombian Necktie is reborn on the upcoming All Paths Lead to Nowhere. A respected part of LA's hardcore scene for six years, the band has fully discovered itself on this new album, allowing its style to crystallize into something stunning. The sound is driving, metallic hardcore that has spiraled off into a deep stoner-boogie trajectory. Pentagram and Black Sabbath grooves are propelled by jazzy drums that dance around the beat rather than attacking it -- but when it is time to shift gears, this band transforms swiftly into a gnashing, metallic hardcore beast. Colombian Necktie has mastered this balance, unifying the hard side and the stoned side into one sound. They've been headed in this direction since the start -- LA Weekly calls their previous album "depressive hardcore, tempered by flourishes of sludgy rock n' roll swagger" -- but on All Paths Lead to Nowhere, ironically, they've really arrived.

It is no surprise that Colombian Necktie counts marijuana as one major inspiration. Even if they hadn't titled a song "Don't Fear the Reefer," the music is caked in resin. The band's other major influence: life in LA. On All Paths Lead to Nowhere's first single, "Silly Kid," premiered today via LA Weekly, frontman Scott Werren remembers days of youth, growing up in the San Fernando Valley and learning life lessons from an older, wiser homeless punk, down by the LA River. In the tradition of other great LA spokesmen -- Henry Rollins and Mike Muir come to mind, in particular -- Werren chooses realness over poetry. His lyrics are so blunt and straightforward, they take on a new kind of profundity.

The cosmic grooves of the '70s heavy metallers; the naked honesty of LA's punk forefathers, from Black Flag to Suicidal Tendencies; the drive and power of modern-day punishers like KEN mode -- on All Paths Lead to Nowhere, Colombian Necktie has brought all these things together and made new magic.

All Paths Lead to Nowhere was recorded and mixed by Erol Ulug (Dangers, Seizures) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Black Tusk). The cover photo, an homage to Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, was shot by Robert Cortez.

The tracklist is as follows:

1) Burn the Bridge
2) Always the Hard Way
3) Silly Kid
4) Linestepper
5) Don't Fear the Reefer
6) Your Own Worst Enemy
7) Proletarian Blues
8) 33-16
9) The Mirror's Reflection
10) Untitled
11) 148 Linnmore St.

Colombian Necktie embarks on a West Coast tour in September with Phobia and Nomads.

Sep 1 - San Diego, CA @ Brick by Brick
Sep 2 - Los Angeles, CA @ Five Star
Sep 3 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Catalyst Atrium
Sep 4 - Sacramento, CA @ Starlite
Sep 5 - Eugene, OR @ Old Nicks
Sep 6 - Olympia, WA @ Obsidian
Sep 8 - Seattle, WA @ Highline
Sep 9 - Portland, OR @ Panic Room
Sep 11 - Oakland, CA @ Metro Operahouse

Scott Werren - vocals
Juan Hernandez - guitar
Ben Daniel - guitar
Alex Dupuis - bass
Ben Brinkerhoff - drums

Photo by Dea Janoyan