Wednesday, September 14, 2016


"Stop-start dashes of Orchid worship, building on that screamo framework to find its own approach to controlled chaos... Akin to the likes of Loma Prieta, another group that's mined '90s screamo and found harmony within that chaos."
–The AV Club

"The brutal/intense side of screamo, veering into grind, along the lines of Orchid, Pg. 99, early Converge and Discordance Axis."


"Knife Hits just might be our new favorite band... Intense and blistering, this stuff hits you hard, crushes your heart, and is done in fifty-two seconds... It's all killer; it'll set your ears on fire."

"A style of hardcore that merges discordant, off-kilter riffs with the speed of grind and back it up with a whole lot of emotion... A corker of an album that breathes new life into this venerable form of music."
–New Noise

"Five-piece hardcore/punk/screamo band Knife Hits... will chill you to your bones. The most mosh-worthy composition you may have ever laid ears on."

With the release of Knife Hits' debut, Eris, just days away, PunkNews has launched a stream of the entire album.

Produced by Jon Nunez of Torche, Eris is pure intensity, boiling over with emotion from start to finish. Musical touchstones include '90s screamo bands like Orchid and Pg. 99, and grinders Discordance Axis.

Listen, here:

Eris' September 16th release is a joint venture between three labelsDead Tank Records (digital, vinyl), Hydrogen Man Records (vinyl) and Give Praise Records (vinyl).