Tuesday, September 27, 2016

SOFT KILL + BrooklynVegan

"Portland's Soft Kill have been channeling the original goth era for a few years now, and for their latest release they signed to Profound Lore, a label usually known for metal bands... One of Soft Kill's influences is surely The Chameleons, who they toured with last year, and that band's singer Mark Burgess sings guest lead vocals on 'On the Inside,' off the band's new album. That of course makes Soft Kill sound even more like the original goth era, but the song also sounds fresh. It's good stuff."

"Romantic, classic-sounding..."


"Cure-like ambiance..."

–Cvlt Nation

Soft Kill's new single "On the Inside" makes its debut today via BrooklynVegan.

Listen here:

"On the Inside" appears on new album Choke, due out November 4th on Profound Lore Records. The song features guest vocals by Mark Burgess of '80s UK band The Chameleons, a band Soft Kill cites as heroes. Frontman Tobias V.H. says "having one of our main influences take part in the album was pretty life-changing."

A departure from the sounds that have come to define Profound Lore – avant metal bands like Portal, Krallice, Leviathan, Pallbearer, and Subrosa – Soft Kill is one of the most outstanding new post-punk bands of today, dealing in a vibe Stereogum has called "romantic, classic-sounding" and Cvlt Nation names "Cure-like ambiance." Choke lays down a perfect, early '80s-rooted sound, built on slamming drums and minimal guitar hooks – it is both ethereal and driving, melancholy and wired. 

Choke was engineered by Jason Powers (Grails, The Mountain Goats) at Burnside Recording in Portland, mixed by Uniform guitarist Ben Greenberg (Destruction Unit, Cheena) and mastered by Blake Bickel (King Dude, He Whose Ox Is Gored).

The album is part of a comeback of sorts – Soft Kill originally formed 2010, released the acclaimed An Open Door album, then disappeared for years when frontman Tobias went to prison for drug-related crimes. The current, reformed Soft Kill includes veteran drummer Maxamillion Avila of such bands as Antioch Arrow, Chromatics, and Atriarch.

Soft Kill, on tour:

Oct 21 - Portland, OR @ Secret Society

Dec 2 - Sacramento, CA @ Red Museum
Dec 3 - Oakland, CA @ Golden Bull
Dec 4 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
Dec 5 - Tempe, AZ @ 51 West
Dec 6 - El Paso, TX @ Monarch
Dec 8 - Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald's
Dec 9 - Dallas, TX @ Double Wide
Dec 11 - Denver, CO @ Bar Bar
Dec 12 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Diabolical Records
Dec 14 - Portland, OR @ High Water Mark

Photo by Sam Gehrke