Tuesday, October 11, 2016

HOLLOW EARTH - Dead Planet

"Moody, tribal, and groovy... One of the finest metallic hardcore acts on the scene today."

Hollow Earth announces new album Dead Planet, coming December 2nd on Good Fight Music.

Dead Planet sees the Detroit-area band continue to slow down its metallic hardcore and soar through outerspace, a trajectory it has been on since its debut EP, 2012's We Are Not Humanity. On Dead Planet, Hollow Earth owns this sound. The album is an epic trip, informed by the lurching doom-core of Neurosis and the space-rock of Failure. Heavy and poignant and ever advancing forward, it is the sound of hurtling through endless expanses. In fact, Dead Planet's lyrics tell the story of a sci-fi tale the band created, picking up where the early 2016 EP, Parting Remains, left off. Over the mesmerizing weight of "Astral Dominion," the album's first words resound: "Astral dominion of the untold beyond / the radial point of human mastery / buried in darkness, no anchor to drag / I have become the man I was meant to be." Dead Planet is a journey, in every sense.

Stream "From Empyrean to Damnation," featuring guest vocals by Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder, here on MetalSucks:

Also making guest appearances on the album are John Pettibone of Heiress (and ex-Himsa, ex-Undertow) and Tad Doyle of Tad.

Dead Planet was produced by Misery Signals' Greg Thomas, and mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.

The cover art and layout were created by Chris Smith.

1) Void I: Thousand Year Drift
2) Astral Dominion
3) The Harbinger of Existence
4) Setting Teeth
5) Revolutions in Refracted Light (featuring Tad Doyle)
6) From Empyrean to Damnation (featuring Trevor Strnad)
7) Void II: Terran Descent
8) Of Steel and Stone (featuring John Pettibone)
9) Convergence in Recollection
10) Void III: Unresting Death
11) To an Earth Abandoned

Dead Planet, Good Fight Music, 2016
Parting Remains EP, Good Fight Music, 2016
Silent Graves, Panic Records, 2014
We Are Not Humanity EP, Panic Records, 2012

Photo by Jacki Vitetta