Friday, November 4, 2016

Out today: SOFT KILL - Choke

Soft Kill's new album Choke is out today on Profound Lore Records.

Listen and buy here:

"Choke is an incredible tour-de-force of dark and moody postpunk that will prove to be one of the best albums of 2016."
–Cvlt Nation

"Soft Kill have been channeling the original goth era for a few years now and for their latest release they signed to Profound Lore, a label usually known for metal bands... It's good stuff."

"Dark, melancholic, echoey... Choke is the emotional equal – atmospherically and lyrically – to any funeral doom band."

"Soft Kill wake up post-punk ennui..."

"Cool shades of ambience and broad strokes of sonic texturing."

"One of the most outstanding new post-punk bands of today... romantic and moody."

"Slow instrumentals build up and make way for a quicker pace, replete with insane amounts of reverb... The deep, dark vocals are absolutely killer, a nod to the band's name."

"Less of a tribute to the '80s goth sound, and more of an album filled with guilt, oppression, and out-and-out misery."
–Dead Rhetoric

"An autumnal soundtrack of memory and lost love... Draped with such dense layers of atmosphere that its best songs become transportive experiences."
–Culture Creature