Tuesday, November 8, 2016

OvO + Stereogum

"They play music – rhythmic noise, really – that simmers with a flat-affect malice, owing equal debts to extreme metal, noise rock, industrial music, and dark electronica. It's a tough pill to swallow, but a deeply satisfying one if you can get it down... Lurching metal/noise collages topped with wordless shrieking... Creatura demonstrates that its creators can run with this nauseating sound as well as anybody."

Stereogum has premiered OvO's "Zombie Stomp" – the veteran Italian duo's newest anthem of bare-bones industrial-metal occultism.

Listen, here:

Stereogum's Doug Moore describes OvO's sound as "lurching metal/noise collages topped with wordless shrieking," and of new track "Zombie Stomp" he says, "the tune drives forward with a feverish energy, and its static washes hide a melodic heart that calls '80s slasher scores to mind." 

Counting Swans and Diamanda Galas as their biggest influences, OvO's Stefania Pedretti and Bruuno Dorella mark dark magic out of primitive industrial sounds and Pedretti's theatrically demonic vocals. Dorella pounds out minimal cadences on a mix of acoustic and electronic percussion, as Pedretti casts spells in her own arcane language –"there are no lyrics," she explains. A combination of guitars and synths sets a driving, end-of-the-world tone. But as Moore notes, there are melodies to be found underneath the fog.

"Zombie Stomp" appears on the band's ninth album Creatura, out December 9th on Italian label Dio Drone.

Creatura was recorded by Lorenzo Stecconi (Zu, Ufomammut) at a theater company's warehouse in Ravenna, Italy; it was mixed by Giulio Favero, and mastered by Giovanni Versari (Muse).

For further edification, check out the band's recent video clip for "Satanam," here:

Over its 16-year career, OvO has played a total of almost 1,000 shows across the world, with bands like Godflesh, Thrones, and Nadja. OvO will be touring throughout 2017.