Thursday, March 22, 2012

GRAF ORLOCK hits Japan

Bon voyage and 幸運 to Graf Orlock, now en route to Japan for a week's tour. To date, the globe-trotting LA band has played Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Puerto Rico, Canada, and almost every country in Europe. Joining Graf Orlock on this Japanese tour are fellow LA dissidents Dangers. 

Mar 24 - Yokohama, Japan
Mar 25 - Shinjyuku, Japan
Mar 27 - Nishiogikubo, Japan
Mar 28 - Yokosuka, Japan
Mar 29 - Kyoto, Japan
Mar 30 - Nagoya, Japan
Mar 31 - Osaka, Japan

Graf Orlock's new EP, Los Angeles, is out April 10 on Vitriol Records. Of Graf Orlock's Hollywood-obsessed hardcore, sometimes referred to as "cinema-grind", MetalSucks has declared, "Not only is their music as mercilessly murderous as you'd want it to be, but their incorporation of elements from action films is brilliant."

Known for their next-level artwork as well as their music - last year's Doombox EP was housed in a full-size fold-out "boombox" and was named "Packaging of the Century" by Revolver Magazine - Graf Orlock continue to amaze with Los Angeles whose three collectible covers are "shooting range targets" shot up with actual bullets.

CZAR tour

Chicago's Czar embarks on a short US tour in April, kicking off April 18 in Cleveland with Crowbar and Prong.

Czar's debut full-length, Vertical Mass Grave, was released in December to a flood of praise from critics and fans, comparing the band to the likes of Helmet, Mastodon, and Gojira. Featuring members of Acumen Nation and DJ? Acucrack, stalwarts of Chicago's industrial and electronic scenes, Czar's sound combines ominous atmosphere with machine-like metal and colossal rock melodies. Vertical Mass Grave was recorded by Matt Talbott, guitarist/vocalist of Hum, at Great Western Record Recorders.

April 18 - Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's (w/ Crowbar, Prong)
April 19 - Pittsburgh, PA@ 31st St Pub
April 20 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter (Year of Shit III Fest)
April 21 - Montclair, NJ @ The Meatlocker
April 22 - Wilmington, DE @ Mojo 13
April 23 - New York, NY @ Precious Metal at Lit Lounge
April 24 - Fairfax, VA @ The Old Firestation #3

"Combining lots of disparate elements into one powerful, anthemic package... their style of metal knows no boundaries."

"Aggressive, mechanistic choppiness and pinpoint applications of dissonance make for a perversely compelling listen."
-AV Club

"Czar get the spirit of the 90s right, a time when heavy, alternative and underground could freely mingle."

"Seamlessly fusing a Mastodon-sized slab of riffage and the slightly more clinical approach inherent with death metal..."

"It's that sense of tension that gives Czar its bite, showing restraint when it counts and embracing chaos when it's most potent."

"Somewhere between Queens of the Stone Age and Pantera, you'll find Czar... Interesting, off-beat, metronomic and just catchy enough to be exceptional."

"A dense mass of sludgy riffs and breakneck rhythmic changes that has a lot of people saying the words 'Mastodon' and 'Helmet' in close proximity to each other."
-Chicago Reader

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WILD HUNT debut album

Wild Hunt's debut full-length album, Before the Plane of Angles, is set for a May 1 release on Kemado Records.

From Oakland, California, Wild Hunt's epic, progressive sound draws influence from black metal, traditional heavy metal, ambient music, and beyond. From triumph to melancholia, Wild Hunt's long, winding songs twist and turn but always push forward.

Majestic dual-guitar lines race atop forward-charging rhythms, led by the soaring harmonies and blackened screams of singing drummer Harland Burkhart. The band's intense, mystical vibe honors past musical forms while forging ahead in a progressive-minded way. Drummer of Agalloch and Worm Ouroboros, Aesop Dekker has publicly hailed Wild Hunt, praising the band's "craft, musicianship, and songwriting".

Much as the music evokes the sense of a journey, the lyrics center around altered states of perception and man's ongoing quest toward enlightenment. Before the Plane of Angles is a conceptual record, intended to be experienced in one sitting. With ambient passages linking one song to the next, it plays as one continuous piece of music - an ode to the album format.

Before the Plane of Angles was recorded and mixed by Laudanum/ex-Asunder bassist Salvador Raya at Earhammer Studios (Saviours, Ghoul). The ambient sections were recorded and mixed by the band - including field recordings captured on location in places like Tennessee Valley Park in Marin County. The album was mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx (Hammers of Misfortune, Ludicra).

A remarkable debut album from this Oakland band - more a trip than a collection of songs - Before the Plane of Angles reflects its creators' respect for music of the past and their willingness to push fearlessly into the future.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

EYE on The Obelisk

Kemado Records has set April 3 for its release of Eye's debut album, Center of the Sun. The label, home to Saviours, Danava, and The Sword, will release Center of the Sun on vinyl and as a digital download.

From Columbus, Ohio, Eye features current and former members of Teeth of the Hydra and Deadsea.

Online mecca of psychedelia, The Obelisk, has posted a track from the album. Stream Eye's "Rik Rite" here.

The Obelisk's review describes Eye as "melding mellotron-era King Crimson with space-bound Pink Floyd cosmic exploration." In the words of Eye bassist Matt Bailey, the band creates "classic vintage sounds filtered through new blood... born from us jamming for long periods of time."

Center of the Sun was engineered and mixed by Eye at Columbus Discount Recordings and Backroads Recording in Columbus, Ohio. The dazzling cover art comes courtesy of illustrator Anthony Yankovic, whose work has appeared on boards for companies like Alien Workshop, Foundation, Burton, and K2.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


With its debut album, Disease Is Our Refrain, hitting stores today, Seas Will Rise has made a new track available via PunkNews. Stream Seas Will Rise's "A Wish for the Earth" here.

From Tempe, Arizona, Seas Will Rise features guitarist Eric Saylor, a founding member of Landmine Marathon. Disease Is Our Refrain was recorded and mixed by current Landmine Marathon guitarist Ryan Butler (Misery Index, Phobia) and mastered by From Ashes Rise frontman Brad Boatright (Tragedy, OFF!). A split release between Man In Decline Records and Anxiety Machine Records, the album is out now as a limited pressing of 500 LPs in assorted colors.

"A downright satisfying take on sludge-ridden hardcore crust punk... Seas Will Rise have the His Hero Is Gone vibe and feel, as well as a production sound to die for..."

"Thunderously grimy, caustic and brutal hardcore that falls on the punky end of the Swe-death spectrum..."

"Some epic curb-stomping shit."

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Decibel Magazine has posted "Wash Out and Rust", a track off Seas Will Rise's forthcoming debut album, Disease Is Our Refrain.

Seas Will Rise features Landmine Marathon founder Eric Saylor on guitar. Decibel's Kevin Stewart-Panko describes the band's sound as "thunderously grimy, caustic and brutal hardcore."

Disease Is Our Refrain was recorded and mixed by current Landmine Marathon guitarist Ryan Butler (Misery Index, Phobia) and mastered by From Ashes Rise frontman Brad Boatright (Tragedy, OFF!). The album is out March 6 on Man In Decline Records and Anxiety Machine Records - a limited pressing of 500 LPs in assorted colors.

Seas Will Rise kicks off a short tour of the West tomorrow.