Tuesday, July 31, 2012


NPR.org, the website of National Public Radio, presents the exclusive premiere of "Not with All the Hope in the World", a song off Gaza's upcoming third album, No Absolutes in Human Suffering.

NPR's Lars Gotrich calls Gaza, "the musical equivalent of a panther rattling a barbed-wire cage" and goes on to praise the new album's incorporation of melody: "the band's blast-beaten hooks lure as much as they devastate".

No Absolutes in Human Suffering was produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou (Torche, Today Is the Day). The album is now available digitally via iTunes. The CD release is set for August 28 on Black Market Activities, with a vinyl release to follow. The CD and vinyl can be pre-ordered now via IndieMerch.

Gaza hit the road tomorrow for a headlining West Coast tour with Eagle Twin, including a stop at the Power of the Riff Festival in LA.

Aug 1 - Idaho Falls, ID @ The Wax House
Aug 2 - Boise, ID @ The Boise Venue
Aug 3 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Aug 4 - Portland, OR @ Backspace Cafe
Aug 5 - Chico, CA @ Origami Recording Lounge
Aug 6 - Reno, NV @ Ryan's Saloon & Broiler
Aug 7 - San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside
Aug 8 - Fresno, CA @ Chinatown Youth Center
Aug 10 - San Diego, CA @ Kensington Club
Aug 11 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Echoplex (Power of the Riff Festival)
Aug 12 - Phoenix, CA @ Chaser's Nightclub

CALL OF THE WILD on BrooklynVegan

BrooklynVegan is now streaming "Autobahn", the first track off Call of the Wild's debut album, Leave Your Leather On. Infectious and, well... driving, "Autobahn" is a call-to-arms that nods to the band's heroes (Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, Rose Tattoo) whilst ripping forward with punk rock abandon. In the words of BrooklynVegan, "The band plays a style of garage that borders on Metallica-style speed metal".

Stream "Autobahn", here.

Call of the Wild features drummer Allison Busch, formerly of Awesome Color. The debut, Leave Your Leather On, sees an August 21 release on Kemado Records.

The band play two hometown shows this weekend:
Aug 4 - Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool w/ Dope Body (free matinee)
Aug 5 - New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge w/ Tyvek

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


MetalInjection presents the exclusive premiere of Jar'd Loose's video for their song, "Coming Like a Nightmare"!

The Chicago band's debut album, Goes to Purgatory, is out now on Cassette Deck Media. The album was recorded and mixed by Pete Grossman (Weekend Nachos, Harm's Way) and mastered by Carl Saff (Unsane, Red Fang).

Terrorizer Magazine calls Goes to Purgatory "one of the most exciting debuts of the year". Decibel Magazine draws a comparison to "bands all the way from Karp and Helmet to Janitor Joe and The Jesus Lizard".

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Call of the Wild's debut, Leave Your Leather On, is out August 21 on Kemado. This trio from Brooklyn features ex-Awesome Color drummer Allison Busch. Epic and driving stuff, through and through. Punk rock urgency, rock n' roll hooks, heavy metal momentum - these guys blaze forward and unite scenes the way Motorhead have always done. But there's something distinctly New York City about this, evoking that hallowed, late 70s CBGB vibe. First track, "Autobahn", will be stuck in your head for days - it's one of the best soundtracks for driving into the sunset (or into oblivion) I've ever heard. Track two, "Breaking Shit", makes me wants to break shit. "NY Ripper" is an ode to Lucio Fulci's 1982 slasher flick. This band knows what's up. They're at Bowery Ballroom this Friday.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

GAZA on Deciblog

Fresh off a US tour with Corrosion of Conformity, Torche and Black Cobra, Gaza have unleashed another new track off their forthcoming third album, No Absolutes in Human Suffering.

The song, "The Truth Weighs Nothing", rips through speakers with what Decibel Magazine's Kevin Stewart-Panko coins "a wall of marrow-crushing sludge/grind", while vocalist Jon Parkin's lyrics seethe with harsh realism pointed at religious delusions. 

In Panko's words, "Gaza fucking rule".

Stream "The Truth Weighs Nothing" exclusively via Decibel Magazine, right here.

No Absolutes in Human Suffering sees a summer release on Black Market Activities. The album was produced by Converge's Kurt Ballou and mastered by Alan Douches.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

TODAY IS THE DAY at Roskilde

July 5, Roskilde, Denmark.

Big thanks to Anders, Kevin, Izzy, Robert Smith, and all the good people we met.

1) In the Eyes of God
2) Spotting a Unicorn
3) Possession
4) The Color of Psychic Power
5) Free at Last
6) Mother's Ruin
7) Expectations Exceed Reality
8) 6 Dementia Satyr
9) The Kick Inside
10) Feel Like Making Love (Bad Company)
11) Temple of the Morning Star
12) Death Curse
13) Axis of Eden
14) If You Want Peace, Prepare for War
15) Pinnacle
16) IED
17) Willpower
18) Why Don't We Do It in the Road (Beatles)
19) The Man Who Loves to Hurt Himself
20) Going to Hell

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Ghostlimb's fourth album, Confluence, hits stores today via frontman Justin Smith's label, Vitriol Records. Meanwhile, Smith is two weeks into a European tour with his other band, Graf Orlock.

"Gravel-caked D-beat, hardcore, and grind-lite with an emotional core only hinted at by its Hot Water Music cover."

"Highbrow hardcore... For a classic hardcore trio, Ghostlimb are unusually conceptual and melodic."
-OC Weekly

"There's intensity to each track that's both melodic and violent... Like Ghostlimb's previous material, Confluence straddles the line between punk and hardcore..."

"Dark, thrashing, emotional LA hardcore is the Ghostlimb trademark."

"If you ever wondered what Converge would sound like with slightly bluesier guitar riffs, you owe it to yourself to check out Ghostlimb."

"While both [Ghostlimb and Graf Orlock] practice in skewed hardcore, Ghostlimb eschews humor in favor of a more focused brutality and more straight-ahead punk rock on Confluence."

"Twelve tracks filled with everything you love about [Ghostlimb]: the anger, the emotions, the fury, the desperately surging guitars, the fuming vocals, bits of blastbeats here and there - in a word, everything that makes a good, modern hardcore record."
-Cvlt Nation

"One huge surprise here is the shockingly sincere cover of Ht Water Music's 'Southeast First' which gives the record an emotional core rthat blindsides listeners..."
-MSN Headbang

"The product of Graf Orlock/Vitriol Records mainman Justin Smith, Ghostlimb is one of Smith's various side-adventures, part of a body of work that has pegged the man as one of the hardest working people in the underground... This is some hardcore (in the most literal sense) stuff."

Out now: JAR'D LOOSE

Jar'd Loose's debut, Goes to Purgatory, hits stores today!

"I was taken aback by [Jar'd Loose]'s sinewy take on noise rock and how it both reminded me and didn't remind me of the 90s and bands all the way from Karp and Helmet to Janitor Joe and The Jesus Lizard."


"Somewhere between simple, old school punk/hardcore, noise rock, and a kind of tossed-off, Lemmy-loving, late-era Entombed thrashing metal."

"Jar'd Loose, a blue-collar quartet fronted by a charismatic, mic-melting vocalist... Pure power punk, armored like an Abrams tank."
-About Heavy Metal

"Jar'd Loose is getting ready to release their debut album, Goes to Purgatory, and it features kickass vocal performances from frontman Eddie Gobbo. The dude does some serious throat shredding..."

"Jar'd Loose' hellbound noise rock finds inspiration in the likes of The Jesus Lizard and Entombed. Thoroughly rocking yet left-of-center..."

"The noise-infused hardcore grooves this Chicago band comes up with on their debut are impressive enough but the clincher is vocalist Eddie Gobbo, who hollers in an ostentatious snarl that avoids hardcore cliche..."
-MSN Headbang

"Jar'd Loose... took my brain and flipped it upside down. Dark, aggressive, filthy music like something I haven't heard of before."
-American Aftermath

"Led by the tortured rasps of frontman Eddie Gobbo, this Chicago quartet takes its cues from the gritty noise rock of early AmRep/Touch & Go and runs wih it, mixing in heavy doses of metal and hardcore."

"Vocalist Eddie Gobbo sounds like a rabid dog who put down the animal control guy that was trying to put him down."
-No Clean Singing

"Chicago quartet Jar'd Loose sound as if the entirety of life stabbed 'em in the back on their noise rock addled debut."

"Their music sounds dirty, like you'd need a nice disinfectant bath when you are done with it... All of that is a compliment, by the way... Dirty is good."
-Meat Mead Metal

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

JAR'D LOOSE on American Aftermath

American Aftermath presents the exclusive premiere of "(Coming Like a) Nightmare", the closing track off Jar'd Loose's debut album, Goes to Purgatory.

American Aftermath's Ross Hodo writes, "Jar'd Loose... took my brain and flipped it upside down. Dark, aggressive, filthy music like something I haven't heard of before."

A recent Jar'd Loose review on Decibel Magazine's blog draws a comparison to the 90s noise rock of bands like Karp, Helmet, and The Jesus Lizard.

Goes to Purgatory was recorded and mixed by Pete Grossman (Weekend Nachos, Harm's Way) and mastered by Carl Saff (Unsane, Red Fang). The album hits stores July 10 on Cassette Deck Media. An official record release show is set for July 14 at Ultra Lounge in the band's hometown of Chicago.