Monday, September 28, 2015


AllMusic has premiered White Widows Pact's "Thirteen Years of War," the third single to be revealed off the Brooklyn band's debut full-length, True Will.

Stream it, here.

"Thirteen Years of War" drives hard, owning a space that brings the deep, Southern grooves of Crowbar together with the urgent forward motion of mid-'90s Napalm Death, under one grimy New York City roof. Frontman David Castillo, also co-owner of Brooklyn's preeminent metal venue, Saint Vitus Bar, holds court with shredded screams – what MetalSucks has described as "hyena-in-a-blender" – conveying the pure existential horror of city life.

AllMusic calls the band "exceptionally heavy" and hails the new song as "a particularly pissed-off four-minute track," full of "howling vocals and buzzing guitars."

True Will comes out October 16th on New Damage Records. The album was recorded and mixed by Dean Baltulonis (Sick of It All, Modern Life Is War) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, High on Fire). 

"Insanely heavy... Sludgy, ripping guitars... When looking for a new band to get angry to, White Widows Pact have you covered on every front."

White Widows Pact's mix of contemporary hardcore and sludgy Southern metal are the exception to the rule that metalheads and punks can't get along."
–Alternative Press

"Hardcore peppered with Crowbar's
 Obedience Thru Suffering..."


"The grooves, the sludge, the hyena-in-a-blender vocals – all amped up to the next level."


Friday, September 25, 2015


Charlotte Gainsbourg and Justin Pearson in a scene from Asia Argento's new film, Incompresa. US title: Misunderstood.

Three One G Records presents Incompresa Songs, a collaboration between Three One G owner Justin Pearson and longtime friend and drummer Gabe Serbian. Pearson and Serbian have made music together for years as members of The Locust, Head Wound City, and other bands, and they have now teamed up to write and record music for the score of Incompresa (US title: Misunderstood), the new film directed by Asia Argento.

Asia, daughter of Italian horror master Dario Argento, recruited Pearson not only to help score her new film, she also cast him as an actor, playing none other than Charlotte Gainsbourg's punk boyfriend. The Hollywood Reporter's review reads: "A genre-crossing film about a lonely child is sad, funny, a little dark and very cruel... The pain and excess of [Argento's] early films is unexpectedly transmuted to rollicking black humor, making it a more universal and enjoyable story told with lively verve and a lot of imagination." 

Incompresa, an official selection at the Cannes Film Festival last year, opens in US theaters today, September 25th. 

Pearson and Serbian created various music for the film, including the two songs featured on Incompresa Songs – "Old Age Lasts Too Long" and "Attractive Mammals." They are short, sweet blasts of Pearson's signature howl and Serbian's signature bashing (he was named one of "The 100 Greatest Drummers of Alternative Music" by SPIN Magazine), embodying the raw punk spirit of Pearson's character in the film and the early '80s setting. 

Watch an excerpt from Incompresa, featuring the song "Old Age Lasts Too Long," exclusively via BrooklynVegan, here.

Three One G will release Incompresa Songs as a seven-inch on October 30th. Pre-order, here.

Read more about Justin Pearson and Three One G Records, here.


Good Fight Music announces Choice Cuts, a free Fall 2015 sampler that serves as a document of all the latest, greatest noise from the Good Fight camp, in what has been the label's most action-packed year to date, and hints at things to come in the near future.

Represented among the twenty songs on Choice Cuts are the latest tracks by label pillars like Old Wounds, The Banner, and Extinction A.D., and by more recent signings like Axis, Of Feather and Bone, Exalt, Great American Ghost, Nasty, and Nathan Gray of Boysetsfire. 

Of special note:

"No Equilibrium," the first new music by Hollow Earth to be revealed since Good Fight signed the Detroit doomsday crew this year. "No Equilibrium" will appear on the band's Parting Remains EP, coming up this winter.

"Gone," a classic Disembodied track, remixed and remastered by Will Putney (The Acacia Strain, Body Count), appearing on Transfiguration, a massive upcoming box set which spans the metallic hardcore pioneers' entire career.

"You're Welcome," a brand new track by new signing Bottomfeeder, a New Jersey post-hardcore band featuring members of The Gaslight Anthem, Gates, and more, whose new EP, II, is on the way.

"Expire," a song off The Contortionist's 2010 debut album, Exoplanet, which has been remixed and remastered by Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me) and will be reissued in January.

"The Acid Reign I/II," a medley of two shelved songs recorded by metalcore favorite Scarlet in 2009.

And also included on Choice Cuts are tracks by friends from outside the Good Fight family -- up-and-comers like Down In It, Vein, and Head Creeps.

1) Old Wounds, "Rest in Piss"

2) The Banner, "Unbaptized"
3) Axis, "Show Your Greed"
4) Down In It, "Binary Blues" (feat. Kevin Iavaroni of Old Wounds)
5) Hollow Earth, "No Equilibrium"
6) Great American Ghost, "Everyone Leaves"
7) Of Feather and Bone, "Ordained in Fire"
8) Vein, "Ripple"
9) Exalt, "Greying"
10) Nathan Gray, "Wolves"
11) The Contortionist, "Expire"
12) Extinction A.D., "Black Omen"
13) Head Creeps, "Lizard Kings"
14) Bottomfeeder, "You're Welcome"
15) Nasty, "Shokka"
16) Old Wounds, "Dead Beat Blues"
17) Scarlet, "The Acid Reign I/II"
18) Extinction A.D., "Mummified"
19) The Banner, "Witchburner"
20) Disembodied, "Gone"

Choice Cuts will be available October 2nd for free digital download via and for free streaming via most streaming services.

Good Fight's Rick Barnhart explains that the title is a nod to a 1999 Ferret Music/Trustkill Records comp of the same name that included bands such as The Dillinger Escape Plan, Harvest, Disembodied, For The Love Of, Turmoil, and Nora. Barnhart, who was part of the Ferret team in the label's heyday, gave this statement: "The original Choice Cuts was fucking great and I think this stands up to that and even exceeds it. Good Fight is the strongest it has ever been and I am really excited for all that's in store for 2016."

The cover art was created by Brandon Gallagher of Old Wounds.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

SO HIDEOUS + Mass Appeal

New York City post-metal act So Hideous has teamed up with Mass Appeal to present the premiere of new track "Relinquish," off sophomore album Laurestine.

Stream "Relinquish" via Mass Appeal, here.

On the stunning Laurestine, So Hideous delves deeper into the orchestral sound pioneered on its 2013 debut, Last Poem First Light. Like the debut, Laurestine was recorded with an actual orchestra, consisting of 30 members this time around – brass, strings, and a choir. The interplay of these elements with the band's metal foundation results in something thrilling. 
Laurestine is a cinematic ride that rises and falls like a film score, from gentle lulls to raging, blackened metal. 

A concept album that tells the story of a man's journey into an afterlife, Laurestine was recorded and mixed by Dean Baltulonis (Lucero, Sick of It All) at The Wild Arctic Studio, with the orchestral tracks recorded by Chris Montgomery (Mumford and Sons, Lily Allen).

The album comes out October 16th on Prosthetic Records.

Pre-order Laurestine from Prosthetic Records, here.

Pre-order Laurestine from iTunes, here.
Pre-order Laurestine from Amazon, here.
Pre-order Laurestine from Bandcamp, here.

Stream "Relinquish" via Apple Music, here.
Stream "Relinquish" via Spotify, here.
Stream "Relinquish" via Google Play, here.

"Envy-with-blastbeats... the symphonic tracks add depth and scope to the band's extroverted guitar melodies."


"Emotionally devastating... moments of aching beauty"


"Devastating, end-of-the-world type shit, putting screamo, post-rock, and atmospheric black metal in a blender and really letting those modern classical influences shine with the orchestral parts."


"A strong orchestral presence... Citing Beethoven as an influence, [guitarist/composer Brandon] Cruz has also described So Hideous' music as soundtrack scores for movies that don't exist yet."

–Invisible Oranges

Photo by Dean Chooch Landry

EXTINCTION A.D. + Havok + Black Fast

Extinction A.D. hops aboard Havok's November tour to join the Colorado thrashers on a string of dates from the Southwest to the Southeast, November 21st-30th. Also on board is Black Fast.

Havok, Black Fast, Extinction A.D.
Nov 21 - Phoenix, AZ @ Club Red
Nov 22 - Albuquerque, NM @ The Jam Spot
Nov 23 - El Paso, TX @ Mesa Music Hall
Nov 24 - Dallas, TX @ Reno's
Nov 25 - Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog Bar
Nov 27 - McAllen, TX @ Thirsty Monkey
Nov 28 - San Antonio, TX @ Korova
Nov 29 - New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
Nov 30 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade

Extinction A.D.'s debut full-length Faithkiller is out now on Good Fight Music. Named a "thrashterpiece" by Metal Injection, the album can be streamed here.

Buy it, here.

Extinction A.D. is comprised of ex-members of This Is Hell and revives early testament and Metallica vibes with modern-day firepower. Faithkiller was recorded and mixed by Brett Romnes (I Am the Avalanche, Anthony Raneri), and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Noisem).

"A blend of early '90s Slayer and Sepultura filtered through a prism of Kill 'Em All. Check out Extinction A.D. if you're in the mood for groovy thrash that explodes with modern energy."


"A 21st-century powerhouse upgrade of Eighties thrash... The best aspects of early Metallica and Testament."
–Guitar World

"Extinction A.D. may very well write the best Slayer riffs that Jeff Hanneman never got around to writing but they're more than a simple re-thrash band... If thrash is a machine gun firing wildly in all directions, Extinction A.D. is a sniper with a laser sight."


DRIFTOFF - "Dying Light"

"A model of excellence in heavy music... Driftoff is the band you need to know. The tones of the guitars reflect hints of Deftones or Handsome influence, but go above and beyond to make it its own heavy, crushing entity."

Brooklyn band Driftoff – featuring members of Junius, Rosetta, and City of Ships – has revealed "Dying Light," the opening track off its debut EP, Modern Fear.

Owning a desperate, radiant, post-hardcore sound, Driftoff spins raw feeling and thick texture into world-weary songs in the vein of Quicksand, Hot Water Music, and Planes Mistaken For Stars. A musical departure from the members' other bands, Driftoff sees these veterans "tapping into the energy of the punk and hardcore records we grew up with," in the words of guitarist/vocalist Eric Jernigan.

Four-song debut Modern Fear also uses New York City as its muse – "a self-contained bubble of madness... an endless well of inspiration," in Jernigan's words. EP opener "Dying Light" chronicles one New Yorker's alcoholic descent. "Straphanger," another song recently premiered, tells of a life spent underground in the NYC subway system.

Modern Fear comes out October 30th on Science of Silence Records in the US, and on Golden Antenna Records in Europe.

The EP was recorded and mixed by Will Benoit (Caspian, Constants, Junius) at The Radar Studio in Clinton, Connecticut – New England's first and only solar-powered recording studio. Additional recording was done by Tom Tierney (Tidal Arms, Netherlands) at Spaceman Sound in Brooklyn, NY. The EP was mastered by Carl Saff (Big Business, Sweet Cobra). 

Pre-order Modern Fear direct from the band ("name your price" digital pre-order and exclusive, limited-edition, 180-gram, "coke bottle" clear vinyl), here.

Pre-order Modern Fear from Science of Silence Records (exclusive, limited-edition, 180-gram, grey vinyl), here.

Pre-order Modern Fear from Golden Antenna Records (Europe/UK only), here.

Photo by Diego Bazan

Monday, September 21, 2015

NERVOUS + BrooklynVegan

"Noisy hardcore... channeling My War-era Black Flag."

"Wrathful, angular punk in the mold of early-90s noizemongers Jesus Lizard, the almighty Nirvana, etc." 
–High Times

"Anxiety isn't cool, but appropriately named Oakland hardcore punk trio Nervous totally are."

Oakland trio Nervous has revealed "The Future," the opening track off new EP Duration and Delusion.

Stream "The Future" on BrooklynVegan, here.

As established on its 2013 self-titled debut, and carried forth now on Duration and Delusion, Nervous' sound is aptly anxious – minimal noise-rock, barreling forward and teetering on the edge. Clean guitar tones and primitive drums drive forth as frontman Jake Spek howls away his insecurities.

Spek says Duration and Delusion is a record about time: "It's about our understanding of time and how it controls us. How our understanding of it shapes how we approach everything." There is no doubt he takes this subject to heart as he screams lines like these on "The Future": "I'm standing here / Wind blowing in my hair... / And I'm scared / Thinking about what is to be done / And what's to come... / I guess we'll see what the universe thinks we deserve / In the future."

Duration and Delusion comes out October 23rd, a split release between Twelve Gauge Records (home to recent recordings by Power, Sabertooth Zombie, and Youth Funeral) and Spek's own new label, Turbulent Records.

Duration and Delusion was recorded and mixed by Max Senna (Ash Borer, Wild Moth) and mastered by Alan Douches (Torche, Young Widows).

Friday, September 18, 2015

Out today: OF FEATHER AND BONE - Embrace the Wretched Flesh

Of Feather and Bone's debut full-length, Embrace the Wretched Flesh, is out today on Good Fight Music.

Stream the album, here.

Buy it, here.

Recorded by Andy Patterson (Cult Leader, Call of the Void, SubRosa), Embrace the Wretched Flesh sees this young Denver trio lay down a totally scorching onslaught of crust, grind, and the darkest hardcore. The band is a welcome new addition to the Good Fight family, alongside labelmates like Old Wounds, Axis, Hollow Earth, and Exalt.

"Trafficking in crust-grind and hammering metallic hardcore, once Denver's Of Feather and Bone are through with you, all that's left is the carrion implied in their moniker."

"A multi-chambered piece of punishment, rife with vicious, jarring time changes. But even when veering from steam-rolled passages to a doom-and-gloom mosh section, the band never do anything less than go for the throat."

"This album is a soundtrack to decimation, with its combination of heaviness, speed, and intensity."
–New Noise

"An exceedingly dark and gritty set of discordant tracks that are filled with despair and visceral aggression."
–American Aftermath

"To say that I'm impressed with this record would be an under-fucking-statement."
–CVLT Nation

Thursday, September 17, 2015

CHAIN GANG GRAVE - Bury Them and Keep Quiet

"You can smell the hardcore oozing... Then after a section with dueling guitars, shit gets weird, and by that I mean in a discordant, noisy, anti-social, you know FLIPPER, kind of way, before all roads merge into a single syncopated crushing riff. Come together, fall apart, reconvene and destroy... that's the formula for great shit, I guess."

Brooklyn, New York's Chain Gang Grave announces the November 13th release of its second EP, Bury Them and Keep Quiet.

Stream opening track "Green Star Eye" via Noisey, here.

Fronted by a singer known as Young Al Bundy, Chain Gang Grave rides a line between dark and light, wrath and yearning. Acidic noise rock and raw metal power combine with white-knuckle hardcore punk in music that mostly wallows in subterranean grime but can also soar high above. There are nods to the noisy stomp of Scratch Acid and The Birthday Party, and to the primitive slithering of Autopsy, but what really wows is how the wild-eyed desperation of Rites of Spring seems to possess this young band. Chain Gang Grave's racket is a soulful one. The sense of urgency is unrelenting as songs writhe and wriggle, from the dismal to the driving to the triumphant.

Lyrically, Bundy wrestles with "the battle between individuality and community in the warzone of the psyche," in his own words. EP opener "Green Star Eye" sets the tone with these lines: "I'm waiting for a sign / And I've come to realize / That I just can't put my finger on it / A boiling unrest between my eyes / And the worlds on either side."

Bury Them and Keep Quiet follows the band's 2014 debut EP, When Your Friends Become Cops, also self-released. Of the debut, CVLT Nation posted this review: "As noisy and loud as it is dark and weird... This EP could please fans of Merzbow or Cult Ritual as easily as it could please fans of Cold Cave and Flipper."

Bury Them and Keep Quiet was recorded and mixed by the band in a basement in South Brooklyn. It was mastered by James Plotkin of Khanate and OLD.

The tracklist is as follows:

1) Green Star Eye
2) Snake Bite Blues
3) Aviary
4) Who Taught You
5) Invisible Fist
6) Prime Numbers

Chain Gang Grave is one of the most exciting new voices in the Brooklyn scene. Peers include Couch Slut and Lubrication. While most of the Brooklyn bands of today consist of transplants new to the city, Chain Gang Grave's members – Bundy, guitarist Andrew Lanza, bassist Josh Poveda, and drummer Jason Bennett – have the distinction of being natives.


Good Fight Music welcomes Bottomfeeder to its family of bands.

Representing Jersey City, from Good Fight's home state of New Jersey, Bottomfeeder is the newest incarnation of some longtime friends of the label, including drummer Benny Horowitz of The Gaslight Anthem and members of Let Me Run, Gates, and Jaguar Shark. 

Good Fight will release Bottomfeeder's new EP, titled Sink to the Depths, this winter. On Sink to the Depths, the band drives hard with epic, melodic hardcore designed to grip the heart and boil the blood. It is a grand, fully-realized sound, as only veterans of the scene can make. Fans of Grade, Time In Malta, and New Brunswick basement shows, stay tuned and prepare to rejoice.

Good Fight owner Carl Severson made this statement: "After a 15 year friendship with Benny, and knowing the rest of the guys through the New Jersey scene, it was awesome to find a project to work together on. We've added a lot of awesome bands to the Good Fight family and we've been lucky to do so, but there's a special spot here for NJ's finest."

Photo by Greg Mitchels

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


With debut full-length Mercy released in August on New Atlantis Records, Brooklyn trio STATS gears up to play an album release show, September 23rd at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn.

Joining STATS on the September 23rd bill are Survival (members of Liturgy) and Couch Slut.

Info, here.

Tickets, here.

Comprised of members/collaborators of Aa, Extra Life, Psalm Zero, Dazzling Killmen and more, STATS rages with hardcore punk heart and progressive rock chops. It is an unusual balance – calculated and reckless, complex and totally passionate. NPR Music's review of Mercy called it, aptly, "the muscle of Black Flag's weirdo hardcore era and the skronk-jazz chops of King Crimson."

Mercy was recorded at Strange Weather in Brooklyn by former The Men guitarist Ben Greenberg and mastered by Khanate's James Plotkin (Thou, Merzbow).

Stream the album in its entirety, here.

Buy it, here.

Next up on the horizon: STATS plays a Craw reunion show, December 19th at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn. A dedicated Craw fan, STATS drummer Hank Shteamer is also working on a project to reissue the Cleveland band's first three albums on vinyl. More info, here.

"The muscle of Black Flag's weirdo hardcore era and the skronk-jazz chops of King Crimson. STATS' full-length debut, Mercy, is full of He-Man-battling-Skeletor riffs and mind-boggling drum fills..."
–NPR Music

"On Mercy's seven dizzyingly complex screamoid marathons, the mangled jazz/metal of The Process of Weeding Out/Slip It In/Family Man-era Black Flag collide head on with Don Caballero's avant-prog mania."


"Pissed-off noisy hardcore, math rock technicality, and a weird operatic part that sounds like Converge backing Renaissance or something. It's out-there stuff, man."


"A wildly creative mishmash of Melvins-derived sludge and Beefheart-esque experimentation. Massively heavy but showing a progressive nimbleness..."


From the crowded shelf of unstable land known as Los Angeles, Upsilon Acrux departs eastbound in October in support of its latest album, Sun Square Dialect, released on New Atlantis Records earlier this year. Boasting its best lineup to date, the ever-changing Upsilon Acrux now consists of double drums, a Fender Rhodes piano, and two guitars including founder Paul Lai's chrome-plated axe. Drummer Dylan Fujioka is a member of Chelsea Wolfe's current band, and Rhodes player Patrick Shiroshi played on Wolfe's Pain Is Beauty album. Twenty years since Upsilon's inception, the newest incarnation churns out intricate, polyrhythmic madness in the realm of Don Caballero and Battles.

Stream Sun Square Dialect in its entirety, here.

Check out Upsilon Acrux's latest video, via Guitar World, here.

Upsilon Acrux's October jaunt takes place shortly after wrapping up a handful of dates in support of Chelsea Wolfe – it is a prime chance for people across the eastern US and Canada to witness live what has been described by VICE as "the spirit of hardcore and post-rock with the complexity of classical compositions."

Oct 9 - St Louis, MO @ Schlafly Tap Room
Oct 10 - Chicago, IL @ Burlington Bar
Oct 11 - Lexington, KY @ Al's Bar
Oct 12 - Asheville, NC @ Odditorium
Oct 13 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Howlers
Oct 14 - Brooklyn, NY @ Trans-Pecos
Oct 15 - Montreal, QC @ Bar Le Ritz PDB
Oct 16 - Toronto, ON @ Whitehouse Studios
Oct 17 - Ithaca, NY @ Chanti-Loft
Oct 18 - Columbus, OH @ Double Happiness

"The spirit of hardcore and post-rock with the complexity of classical compositions."

"Upsilon Acrux have made it their mission to blow, expand and confuse minds and ears since 1997. Imagine King Crimson, Zappa, Don Caballero, Battles, Orthrelm (or any Mick Barr project for that matter), Gore and free jazz bouncing off the padded walls of your local nuthouse..."

"They make music that would make Frank Zappa proud."
–Gear Gods

"Upsilon Acrux have boldly ventured into a realm of musical oddity that few other self-proclaimed 'edgy' bands could ever hope to claim."
Steel for Brains

"A colorful array of instrumentation that runs the gamut of math rock, progressive rock, krautrock, and free jazz. It defies categorization and dazzles simultaneously."
–American Aftermath

Monday, September 14, 2015


"Trafficking in crust-grind and hammering metallic hardcore, once Denver's Of Feather and Bone are through with you, all that's left is the carrion implied in their moniker."

"A multi-chambered piece of punishment, rife with vicious, jarring time changes. But even when veering from steam-rolled passages to a doom-and-gloom mosh section, the band never do anything less than go for the throat."

Of Feather and Bone's debut full-length, Embrace the Wretched Flesh, arrives Friday, September 18th, via Good Fight Music and today Decibel Magazine has launched a stream of the full album.

Rip into the Flesh, right here.

The Denver trio deals in punishing crust-grind and metallic breakdowns, a balance that should please fans of His Hero Is Gone, Napalm Death, Acme, and new jacks like Cult Leader. It is the sound of churning storm clouds, massive tidal waves, and advancing armies. Embrace the Wretched Flesh was produced by Andy Patterson (Cult Leader, Call of the Void, SubRosa).

Pre-order, here.

The band just wrapped up a summer of touring with labelmates Old Wounds, Axis, and more.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Out today: UNBROKEN - "And/Fall on Proverb"

Three One G's reissue of Unbroken's "And/Fall on Proverb" seven-inch is out today.

Listen to "Fall on Proverb," here.

Buy the reissue on gold vinyl, here.

Originally released in 1994, Unbroken's "And/Fall on Proverb" seven-inch was the very first release on Three One G, the label founded that year in San Diego by Justin Pearson. Over the next two decades, Pearson would become an international name, founding bands such as The Locust, Some Girls, Head Wound City, and Retox, and releasing music by all these bands and more (Cattle Decapitation, Black Dice, The Blood Brothers...) via Three One G. Pearson has always paid maximum respect to Unbroken, the band at the heart of the Three One G story, and credited it with influencing the label's rebellious path. When the entire hardcore scene was dressing like the Beastie Boys and rehashing self-righteous lyrics, Unbroken wore pompadours and collared shirts and found inspiration in The Smiths.

Unbroken's Life. Love. Regret. album, also released in 1994, is widely hailed as an all-time hardcore classic. A 2008 cover story in Alternative Press named Unbroken one of "23 Bands Who Shaped Punk," alongside Crass, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Cro-Mags, Bikini Kill, and Fugazi. From that article: 

"By the time Unbroken disbanded in 1995, their bleak, introspective lyrics and greaser look influenced two bands which changed the trajectory of modern hardcore: American Nightmare's suicide-note lyrics begat a generation of hardcore kids fixated on their own sadness, and Eighteen Visions' Morrissey-meets-Hollywood style was the template for metalcore fashion." 

Read more about Unbroken, Justin Pearson and Three One G, here and here.

Photo by Rich Cook

Thursday, September 10, 2015

WHITE WIDOWS PACT + Metal Injection

White Widows Pact has revealed the opening track off upcoming debut album True Willstream "Landlord" exclusively on Metal Injection, here.

The Brooklyn quintet perfects its Madball-meets-Crowbar sound on True Will, also giving a nod or two to Napalm Death's mid-90s output on the ripping "Landlord."

True Will was recorded and mixed by Dean Baltulonis (Sick of It All, Modern Life Is War) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, High on Fire), and comes out October 16th on New Damage Records.

In the words of Metal Injection, it is a "perfect blend of in-your-face hardcore meets groovy-as-fuck metal."

"The Watch," another song off the new album, was premiered by Noisey last month, here.

Central to Brooklyn's metal scene, White Widows Pact is fronted by Dave Castillo, co-owner of Saint Vitus Bar, the city's hub of heavy music. Castillo and his bandmates also do time in other bands such as Primitive Weapons, Grudges, and Cleanteeth.

"Insanely heavy... Sludgy, ripping guitars... When looking for a new band to get angry to, White Widows Pact have you covered on every front."

White Widows Pact's mix of contemporary hardcore and sludgy Southern metal are the exception to the rule that metalheads and punks can't get along."
–Alternative Press

"Hardcore peppered with Crowbar's
 Obedience Thru Suffering..."


"The grooves, the sludge, the hyena-in-a-blender vocals – all amped up to the next level."


DRIFTOFF - Modern Fear

"A model of excellence in heavy music... Driftoff is the band you need to know."

Comprised of members of Junius, Rosetta, and City of Ships, new Brooklyn band Driftoff presents its debut release: the four-song EP, Modern Fear.

Modern Fear is set for an October 30th release on Science of Silence Records in the US, and on Golden Antenna Records in Europe.

Stream "Straphanger," off Modern Fear, exclusively via Noisey, here.

Junius guitarist Mike Nieves describes new band Driftoff as an embrace of punk and hardcore inspirations not given the spotlight in the members' other bands. Guitarist/vocalist Eric Jernigan, also of Rosetta and City of Ships, elaborates: "Within the first few Driftoff practices we had skeletons for the songs on Modern Fear, and it was clear they were more frenetic and intense than what we've done with our other projects. Driftoff found its sound organically and we continue now on this path, tapping into the energy of the punk and hardcore records we grew up with."

With Modern Fear, these veterans have created a brief masterpiece with which to introduce their new band to the world. Four songs' worth of urgency and radiance, Modern Fear evokes post-hardcore heroes like Quicksand, Hot Water Music, and Planes Mistaken For Stars – bands who played loud and hard and always put emotion first. With thick, luminous guitars, an ironclad rhythm section, and the three-way vocals of Nieves, Jernigan, and bassist Joel Munguia, the vibe is epic and desperate.

Also fueling Driftoff and defining its vision is New York City, the band's adopted home. 
The song "Ghosts of Hart Island," for example, takes a page from New York City history and tells a story through the eyes of a prison inmate sentenced to work on the eponymous island, just east of the Bronx, site of a mass burial ground for the city's unknown and unclaimed. "Straphanger" tells of a life spent underground on the NYC subways.

In Jernigan's words, "New York is unlike anywhere else in the world. Sometimes that means there are too many shows, too many friends, and too many drinks. On the other hand we're also witness to the seemingly limitless depravity demonstrated by the surging throngs of humanity we're constantly surrounded by. It is a self-contained bubble of madness. For us it's an endless well of inspiration."

Modern Fear was recorded and mixed by Will Benoit (Caspian, Constants, Junius) at The Radar Studio in Clinton, Connecticut – New England's first and only solar-powered recording studio. Additional recording was done by Tom Tierney (Tidal Arms, Netherlands) at Spaceman Sound in Brooklyn, NY. The EP was mastered by Carl Saff (Big Business, Sweet Cobra). 

The tracklist is as follows:

1) Dying Light

2) Ghosts of Hart Island
3) Black Heat
4) Straphanger

Pre-order Modern Fear direct from the band ("name your price" digital pre-order and exclusive, limited-edition, 180-gram, "coke bottle" clear vinyl), here.

Pre-order Modern Fear from Science of Silence Records (exclusive, limited-edition, 180-gram, grey vinyl), here.

Pre-order Modern Fear from Golden Antenna Records (Europe/UK only), here.

Mike Nieves - guitar, vocals

Eric Jernigan - guitar, vocals
Joel Munguia - bass, vocals
Jason Crawford - drums

Photo by Diego Bazan

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

OLD WOUNDS fall touring

Following an entire summer full of North American touring, alongside labelmates Axis and Of Feather and Bone, and more, Old Wounds revs up the van and launches right into a stacked fall tour schedule, kicking off tonight in Philly. 

So far Old Wounds' fall plans include runs with Down In It and Fit For An Autopsy, and stops at several fests, including Fest 14 in Gainesville.

More dates are to be announced, stay tuned.

Enjoy photos from the band's long summer of touring, exclusively at Taco Bell's Feed The Beat site, here.

Old Wounds, Fall 2015:
Sep 9 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie - w/ Down In It
Sep 10 - Elkton, MD @ The Home Plate - w/ Down In It
Sep 11 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Shop - w/ Down In It
Sep 12 - Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary - Don't Call It A Fest w/ Eyehategod, See You Next Tuesday
Sep 13 - Morgantown, WV @ 123 Pleasant St - w/ Down In It
Sep 14 - Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space - w/ Down In It
Sep 25 - Warren, NJ @Warren Legion Hall w/ The Banner
Oct 1 - Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall - w/ Fit For An Autopsy
Oct 2 - Lakewood, OH @ The Foundry - w/ Fit For An Autopsy
Oct 3 - Buffalo, NY @ Broadway Joe's - w/ Fit For An Autopsy
Oct 5 - Saginaw, MI @ Counter Culture - w/ Fit For An Autopsy
Oct 6 - Cincinnati, OH @ RDK Sound Design - w/ Fit For An Autopsy
Oct 7 - New Albany, IN @ New Albany Production House - w/ Fit For An Autopsy
Oct 8 - Nashville, TN @ The End - w/ Fit For An Autopsy
Oct 10 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar - Sincerity Fest w/ Lifeless, Bitter End, Shai Hulud
Oct 28 - Tampa, FL @ Crowbar - Pre-Fest w/ Pianos Becomes the Teeth, Loma Prieta
Oct 31 - Gainesville, FL @ The Wooly - Fest 14 w/ Modern Life Is War, Government Issue
Nov 8 - Howell, NJ @ Gamechanger World - Loud Fest w/ Blessthefall, Stick to Your Guns

Old Wounds' new album The Suffering Spirit is out now on Good Fight Music and is streaming in full via PopMatters, here.

Latest video, "Son of No One," premiered on Fuse.tvhere.

"New Jersey hardcore band Old Wounds turned heads with their 2013 debut, From Where We Came Is Where We'll Rest, an album that burned with the intensity of classic '90s hardcore like Deadguy and contemporary crossover geniuses Converge. Two years later, they're set to release The Suffering Spirit, which broadens the band's sound even more, employing more cleanly sung melodies and streamlined, gothic-tinged arrangements without compromising the music's intensity one iota... Easily one of the better hardcore releases of the year so far."

Friday, September 4, 2015

10 years

September 2015 marks 10 years in business for me. I left Earache Records in August '05 to start up my own thing and here we are now a decade later. Good working with you, my friends of old and new. Coming up this fall: so much more good music! Enjoy the long weekend, all.

Sep 4 - Axis - Show Your Greed - Good Fight Music

Sep 11 - Unbroken - "And/Fall on Proverb" - Three One G Records

Sep 18 - Of Feather and Bone - Embrace the Wretched Flesh - Good Fight Music

Oct 16 - So Hideous - Laurestine - Prosthetic Records

Oct 16 - White Widows Pact - True Will - New Damage Records

Oct 23 - Nervous - Duration and Delusion - Twelve Gauge Records


Coming up next:
Justin Pearson & Gabe Serbian
Driftoff (members of Junius, Rosetta, City of Ships)
Chain Gang Grave
Graf Orlock

+ more!

Out today: AXIS - Show Your Greed

Axis' full-length debut, Show Your Greed, is out today on Good Fight Music.

Stream the EP via Metal Injection, here.

Buy it, here.

Show Your Greed was mixed by Taylor Young of Nails and Twitching Tongues and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Full of Hell). From Orlando, Florida, Axis' twisting, turning, metallic hardcore is chaotic and anthemic in a way that would make the late '90s ballers – Turmoil, Buried Alive, Kiss It Goodbye, et al. – proud. The band concludes a long summer of touring tonight, alongside labelmates Of Feather and Bone.

Axis, Of Feather and Bone:

Sep 4 - Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern

"If you think fondly of hateful Philly bands like Starkweather and Turmoil; if you were down with Converge and Coalesce back when they played mathy chugga-chugga-stop breakdowns; if you wish Botch, Burnt By The Sun, and Kiss It Goodbye had released more music: congratulations! You have the chutzpah to appreciate the good kind of metalcore... Axis pretty much stick to the established template for this kinda thing on Show Your Greed, but they are so goddamn good at it..."

 "A hellish storm of gnashing teeth and balled-up fists... This is straight up pummelling you into the ground with every passing second."

–Metal Injection

"Packing plenty of punch for modern-day hardcore crowds, [Axis] definitely recalls the discordant '90s work of Turmoil, Deadguy, and Kiss It Goodbye. 'Discouraged' hits like a sledgehammer, with atonal, chunky riffage and bone-bashing grooves supporting full fierce tough guy howling."

"Metallic hardcore that will remind listeners of esteemed fan favorites such as Turmoil and Kiss It Goodbye."

"Florida quintet Axis is a hardcore band in the sense that Converge or The Dillinger Escape Plan are hardcore bands... Grinding, gnashing and chaotic, full of primal aggression yet surprisingly calculated destruction."

"A potent blast of metallic hardcore that's passionate and emotional... Sometimes chaotic, other times groovy there's never a dull moment."