"Reynolds has been repping some of the more exciting underground metal and hardcore bands since 2000... These days, the 39-year-old is part of a publicity collective called The Chain, working with such bands as Homewrecker, Fight Amp, and Ion Dissonance."
–No Echo, November 2016

"Curran Reynolds is the kind of music industry professional those just starting out aspire to one day become."
–Haulix Daily, December 2014

“Curran Reynolds is a musician, publicist and promoter. Curran is a tastemaker, a skilled drummer, a talented songwriter (do visit his solo project, Body Stuff) and a great person to get advice from.”
–Basements & Blastbeats, December 2013

“Curran is a stalwart of New York metal. Over the years, Curran displayed a gift for picking out future buzz bands before the broader metal press cottoned on to them: Landmine Marathon in 2006, Trap Them in 2007, and Liturgy in 2008, among others.”
–Invisible Oranges, January 2013

“In addition to working as a music publicist, repping bands like Saviours, Danava and Bloody Panda, Curran Reynolds runs Precious Metal, a weekly concert series held Monday nights at Lit, and plays drums for Today Is the Day and Wetnurse.”
–Paper Magazine, October 2011

“Curran Reynolds is not just a staple of, but a bona fide blessing to, the New York City metal scene. The guy is a FORCE and anyone who loves metal and lives in NYC should be grateful for him.”
–MetalSucks, March 2011

“Metal has been a lifelong journey for Wetnurse drummer Curran Reynolds, who also did time as publicist at Earache Records before branching out to become an independent PR maven. He organizes the New York City-based, Monday night show series called Precious Metal... Aspiring music industry types should be inspired by Reynolds’ ability to do it all.”
–NoiseCreep, November 2009

“The source argument of Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller The Tipping Point is that the smallest of sparks can set the world ablaze. Hailed as ‘one of the most vital music nights in town’ by Time Out New York, Curran Reynolds is testing Gladwell’s theory every Monday at Precious Metal, where the heavy underground can literally be found underground... in the basement of Lit Lounge. In addition to Precious Metal, Curran Reynolds has a few other balls in the air. He does PR for multiple heavy indie labels and beats the skins for his band, Wetnurse.”
–BrooklynVegan, September 2008

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