Wednesday, May 29, 2013


"Body Stuff is the new project of New York musician Curran Reynolds, known for his work with Today Is The Day and Wetnurse. 

Body Stuff's self-titled debut recording will be released July 23, 2013 on The Path Less Traveled Records as a limited edition, white vinyl 7" and digital download.

Points of reference: Justin Broadrick, Michael Gira, Walter Schreifels"

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One afternoon in our little apartment, my friend Mick Barr said to me: "Everyone should make a solo record." That statement stuck with me for some years and now here we are.

There have always been words and melodies flitting in and out of reach but this was my first attempt at harnessing these things and calling them songs, untouched by the democratic processes of bands. I reached back in time, into my own history, before bands, before drums. I went back to childhood to reconnect with my earliest encounters with popular music, to recall the lightning strikes I felt when certain songs of the day first hit me via radios and TVs. "Beat It", "Axel F", "Home Sweet Home", and so on. I sought not to recreate these sounds but to recall their initial impact on me and revel in the purity, the immediacy, of that cause and effect, the raw power electrifying the innocent mind. I took that and let it guide the making of this record.

I wrote every song while walking the streets of New York at night. The record is grounded in the wonder and grime of this city, the tension created by so much imminent pleasure and imminent doom. You'll hear it in the music, I think, or in certain lyrics. "Street Walker", for example, is about sizing up the strangers we pass by and ultimately choosing to love them. "Wanted Man" is about being misunderstood by these strangers despite our best efforts. "New York Story" is an ode to reckless summers past, and to a friend who fell to his death from a fire escape at the end of one such summer.

From me to you. Body Stuff. A personal account, dedicated to all. 

My right hand man through this was Ryan Jones, whom you've known as bassist in Today Is The Day, Mutilation Rites, and Wetnurse, or as live sound man at my Precious Metal shows, or as producer of Star Fucking Hipsters, Flourishing, and Pyrrhon. Thanks also to Greg Kramer (Wetnurse), Matt McAuley (A.R.E. Weapons, TV Baby), Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice), artist Mike Wohlberg, and label man Sean Crook for their contributions. And Mick!