Thursday, December 18, 2014

2015 update

Happy holidays, all!

Coming up in the first part of 2015:

New releases from longtime allies of mine like Good Fight Music, Vitriol Records, Melotov Records, and Twelve Gauge Records.


I am thrilled to announce I am also joining forces with these two labels:

Three One G Records – untouchable purveyors of cool, led by Justin Pearson (The Locust, Retox, Some Girls, All Leather, Swing Kids, etc.), a friend of mine since our bands toured the UK together in 2011. I wrote about Three One G's 20th anniversary for the new issue of Mass Appeal – check that out here – and now I am so excited to team up with the label as their publicist.

Aqualamb Records – one of the best new approaches to releasing music I've seen, this label is run by a team of Brooklyn designers who create awesome, printed books in lieu of traditional packaging.

So, to get specific...

Here's how the 2015 release schedule looks so far:

Jan 27 - Youth Funeral - See You When I See You - Twelve Gauge Records
Feb 10 - Outer Heaven - Diabolus Vobiscum - Melotov Records
Feb 24 - Griever - Our Love Is Different - Vitriol Records
Feb 24 - Nasty - Shokka - Good Fight Music
Mar 3 - Hiram-Maxim - Hiram-Maxim - Aqualamb Records
Mar 3 - Sabertooth Zombie - Human Performance IV - Twelve Gauge Records
Mar 10 - Hot Nerds - Strategically Placed Bananas - Three One G Records

From the gut-spilling realness of Youth Funeral, to the doom-death of Outer Heaven, to the cartoonish beatdown of Nasty, to the dark psych of Hiram-Maxim, it's a lineup that reflects the wild range of my own personal tastes and I can't wait to work with you all, on behalf of these bands.

Stay tuned for more detailed info and updates.

As always, contact me for anything and everything.