Friday, May 22, 2015

Recap of new releases

May 12 - Invisible Things - Time As One Axis - New Atlantis Records
• Noise-rock/free-jazz madness from Brooklyn and Chicago
• Ex-US Maple guitarist, ex-Parts & Labor drummer
• Produced by Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Unsane, Herbie Hancock)
• US tour in May
• "A racket all you Lightning Bolt lifers will dig" 
• "Driving eccentric noise-rock" 
• "Skronky indie rock zaniness... a tapestry of gloriously messy tones" 
• Guitarist and drummer of Harm's Way
• Produced by Andy Nelson (Harm's Way, Weekend Nachos)
• "Sonically diverging from the metallic hardcore of Harm's Way, their main influence is Alkaline Trio" 
–Alternative Press
• "Brilliantly crafting some of the most amazing music I've heard this year" 
• Raw, blackened punk with a goth streak, from LA
• A masterpiece of simplicity, melody, and angst
• The latest in Melotov Records' hot streak that has included releases by ACxDC, The Banner, Old Wounds, Outer Heaven, and more
• "Noisy, stripped-down punk, shot through with elements of goth" 
• "Blackened punk... brings to mind the lo-fi punk of Raspberry Bulbs" 

• Co-ed psych rock/country from Brooklyn – self-proclaimed "country music for space travelers," inspired by The Velvet Underground, Black Sabbath, Bobbie Gentry, Waylon Jennings
• Drummer also plays in filmmaker Jim Jarmusch's band, SQÜRL
• Aqualamb Records is the new Brooklyn label known for releasing albums in the form of 100-pg softbound books
• "A unique brand of lo-fi psych rock... huge-yet-minimal sound, mixing psych with blues and country-style riffs to make something great" 
• "Neo-Paisley Underground" 

Jun 16 - Abrams - Lust. Love. Loss. - self-released

• Sludged-up post-hardcore from Denver
• Produced by Andy Patterson (Cult Leader, SubRosa, Call of the Void)
• US tour in June
• "Effortlessly meshing angular mathcore with chunky stoner metal... recalls Remission-era Mastodon" 
• "Post-hardcore, filtered through big Melvins-esque guitar rigs" 
–Invisible Oranges

• The crushing sophomore LP from New Jersey's finest young cannibals!
• Produced by Andreas Magnusson (The Black Dahlia Murder, Despised Icon)
• Takes cues from the heaviest hardcore of the late '90s – Turmoil, Disembodied, Buried Alive – and laces it with drama, soul, and melody inspired by Type O Negative and Deftones
• "Emotionally charged, stylistically diverse metalcore... Furious and meticulous..." 
• "Old Wounds are making a name for themselves the old-fashioned way: getting in people's faces and freaking them out with punked-out metalcore." 
–Alternative Press
• Pacific Northwest hardcore punk in the Black Flag tradition
• Recent shows with Cro-Mags, Harm's Way, Code Orange and more, West Coast tour in June
• Twelve Gauge Records is the SF label behind Sabertooth Zombie, Youth Funeral, Nervous, etc.
• "If Coliseum were Damaged fanatics, this might be what you would get." 
• "The wild-eyed, antisocial, bloodied knuckles and beer-stained jeans flipside to the old school hardcore coin. Drawing influence from Black Flag... vicious and unpredictable..." 
–Tight to the Nail


Coming soon: new releases by Great American Ghost, Stern, STATS, Graf Orlock, Nervous, White Widows Pact, Hollow Earth, Extinction A.D., So Hideous, and more!


Sept 25-26 - Cold Waves IV Festival 
• 4th annual industrial music festival, Sept 25-26 at Metro in Chicago, featuring Godflesh, Frontline Assembly, Lustmord, Pop Will Eat Itself, Severed Heads, Prurient, Author & Punisher, High-Functioning Flesh, and more!